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Let's take a step back in time~~~~~~~

  The night was sultry. Just kidding, it was New York City in the winter, so it was probably snowing. This is how it might have gone down. The limo of the future president* pulled up outside the building that housed the office of the illustrious Dr. Jacob Bornstein. The future president* tracked slush and snow in into the office, because he’s a prick. “I need to see Jack”, the future president* told the receptionist. “He hates when you call him that”, was her reply.

  Someone opened a door to the back, and the future president* grabbed it and pushed his way past. He walked back to the Dr.’s office and opened the door. “Come on in, you pompous windbag”, said the Dr. “Jacky, so good to see you”, replied the future president*. “You owe me money. Still”, said the Dr. “When I am elected president, I will pay you back”, said the future president*. “Shit, if you are elected president, you will kill us all”, said the Dr. “I need a letter from You Doc”, said the future president*. “I give you an F”, said the Dr. “No, I need you to write me a letter about how incredible my health is”. The Dr. had just taken a sip of coffee and spit it several feet.

  “What is my motivation”, said the Dr.?   “How about Surgeon General”, said the future president*. “I am sure I will regret this”, said the Dr. The future president started dictating the bogus letter about his health, to the future disgraced Dr. The letter was released to the media. Those who watch fox entertainment, bought it right away. Most of the rest, just thought it was more of the same shit show we were all watching.

Care. Be safe. 5/5/2018

 But they owe money.

  California is now the 5th largest economy in the world. Now some will say, yea but they are in debt. Well I am assuming the US is the largest economy and we owe a shit load of money, so that is a pathetic argument. That is why California gets so many votes. That is why what California wants is important. California has a lot of rules and taxes. It is not perfect, but it is the 5th largest economy in the world. They produce about two thirds of the nation’s fruits and nuts. That my friend is a shitload of food.

  It’s time to listen to the lying ass political commercials. I turn that shit right off. I would rather listen to my tinnitus. I just got an advertisement in the mail with a picture of a bunch of guns. Warning, “we must unite in this important battle against liberal politicians”. Yea, they are the real threat…lol. Wasn’t it Jesus who said, “shoot those liberal fuckers?” I could be wrong. But if you have to sell yourself, with pictures of guns, you are aiming that bar real low. You are looking for the Toby’s and the Keith’s. There are certainly plenty of them here in Indiana.

  The weather is changing. If you live somewhere that may be drastically affected, please prepare. Add to that, unstable political and social climates and anything could happen. Stock up on peanut butter and crackers.

Care. Be safe.

Anyone need some soybeans?

It has been reported that it appears China has stopped buying soybeans from the United states. This is of course in retaliation for president* #heelspurs trade war. If the Americans who voted for him wanted a better trade balance, they could stop buying shit from China. But that would require effort on the part of their lazy ass's…lol.  

  President* #heelspurs is bound and determined to get out of the Iran treaty. It was sold to morons as “Obama’s treaty”. Because those morons are not connected with reality, it’s wasn’t hard. To isolate Iran, only drives them to be the kind of state we don’t want. Are they more of a bully then Netanyahu? Or president* #heelspurs? If we can’t as a nation lead by example, we have no right to ask others to to.

  So, people bitched about President Obama using Executive orders. Those people don’t know or care, that he had few choices. Both times President Obama was elected, Bitch McConnel and John Boner said publicly, that they wouldn’t work with him. They put their petty egos before the security and the business of the country. However, president* #heelspurs has the majority in both the House and the Senate, and all that asshole can do, is sign executive orders. Most, are undoing ones that President Obama had signed, that help people. Who the hell wants to help people, right?

Care. Be safe. 5/3/2018

Nobel Peace Prize

  The president* was tweeting, “Many Many people are saying Nobell Piece Prize. I am certainly deserving. Crooked Hillary. #MAGA.”   “Steve come in here”, the president* said, seemingly to the air. Stephen Miller exuded into the room. “Yes Mr. President?” Stephen have you been making the calls to people about how I would make a great candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize”, asked the president*? “We have everyone on it. We even have Ruby and Poly Ester working on it. Everyone except Jeff sessions and Mike Pence. They don’t seem to have their heart in it”, whispered Stephen.  “You don’t think Judge Judy let the cat out of the bag to Jeff sessions do you”, queried the president*?   “If she did, we could set up a little meeting between her and Mr. Vp.”, said Stephen. “Keep an eye on things for me Steve. They are all jealous of my success”, said the president*. “You have my life”, said Steve. “I know”, said the president*.

  He tweeted some more”, The numbers on the economy are fake. It’s a rigged system. Everyone knows, I am doing great! Watch Fox. They love me! Very smart!”. He put his phone down and picked up some papers to look at. At first, he couldn’t understand. There were words and numbers, and pictures. Finally, he realized it was the lunch menu. The numbers were “calories”, whatever they were. He picked up one of his phones. “Yes Mr. President”, said whoever hadn’t been fired yet. “Yes, the agents should be at the restaurant. I want 6 extra crispy breasts. 4 Large mashed potatoes, 23 biscuits and a quart of honey. I want that food to be rushed back, sirens and all”, demanded the president*.

  He tweeted some more, “Mr. Nobell just called me out of the blue. He seems like a nice guy. No one wants peace more than me! MACA”. Then another, “Gas prices are artificially high! Opec, Russia, Obama, Crooked Hillary, Sweet potato pie!” He could hear the sirens bringing him his chicken in the distance. He had time for one more tweet, “There was no collusion! (It’s a hoax) If people don’t stop investigating me, I will at some point have to use my magic powers! Witch hunt! Deep state! “.

Care. Be safe. 5/2/2018

It isn't because he is black though.

  A friend of mine posted a thing on Facebook about how Al Sharpton owes 4.5 million in taxes but didn’t go to jail. Now the person who posted this voted for president* #heelspurs who hasn’t paid any taxes in years as far as I know. He said he would show them. But he lied. He most likely is worth a few hundred million at the most. If Republicans were so worried about collecting taxes, mat be they shouldn’t keep giving tax cuts to the rich! Also, if you work with the IRS to pay them off, they don’t put you in Jail because then you certainly can’t pay them off!

The stupid is weighing us smarter ones down. We must resist the stupid and spread wisdom and knowledge.

Care. Be safe. 5/1/2018

Happy Monday.

Last night was intentionally left blank.  I was laying down with a sick baby. She and I are both better today. Anytime I am sick, I of course think of all the people who have no one to help them. No one to lay down with them.  The people that are alone, and the single parents.  We as a society can do better.

  More proof of “Justice for the white” as the president* gets to look at questions Mr. Mueller wants to ask him ahead of time. What a crock of shit. Jeff Sessions still hasn’t been punished for lying under oath, but a Senator was punished for something he did as a comedian many years ago. How fucked up is that? The president* plants a tree with the French President, then it vanishes with some quarantine bullshit story.

  We better start planting that garden of our own. I am working on mine.  We should all probably become better gardeners. I am experimenting with 2-liter soda bottles and Perlite for growing vegetables. I will let you know how it works out. As the weather gets screwier, we will have to get more creative with how we grow food. Not believing in climate change may work fine for some but not believing won’t work when you and your kids are hungry and our ability to produce food has been hindered by our lack of caring for our environment.

Care. Be safe. 4/30/2018

Some Morning Entertainment.

  “This morning on Pox and Friends, we have the pleasure of talking to the President of the United States. Good Morning Mr. President”, said the entertainer.  “She couldn’t reach the magic number of 270, and that’s with fifteen million illegals voting for her”, said the president*. “Ahhh right, so Mr.  President, how have you been”, responded the entertainer. “The military loves me. Did you know they are giving me a parade? I didn’t ask for it or anything”, said the president*. “Mr. President, how is your legal team. Is it strong enough to fend off the corrupt deep state that is hunting your witches”, said the entertainer. “Well I have the best that money can buy. I am getting calls daily by top notch lawyers that want to defend me. I have turned many of the down”, said the president*. “So, what did you get The First lady for her birthday”, said the entertainer? “well I sent her a beautiful text. It had a panda and some hearts, and it was really a fantastic text”, said the president*. The entertainers kind of looked at each other.

  “So, what can you tell us about Iran”, said one of the entertainers?  “Oh, well Obama gave them 150 billion dollars. Some of it was in barrels and Walmart grocery bags, and the Post Office delivered it for free. So, I am calling for an investigation into the post Office. But that was Obama’s deal. A very bad deal. There were no other countries involved, just Obama, and Crooked Hillary also was there. But we have warriors in the Republican Part. Like Ruby and Cotton? They were these two women on the internet, and I saw them, and it took about two seconds and I said let’s get them started. They are fantastic, these warriors that we have in the republican party. They are fantastic”.

  “So, Mr. President, lets talk about your attorney Mike”, said one of the entertainers. “Oh, Mike is a great guy. You probably have had him on your show. It is terrible what Obama is doing to him. He is a wonderful guy. I’m told that I am not involved”. “So why is he taking the fifth”, said another entertainer. “Oh well Mike is a great guy, and his lawyer probably told him to do that, but he is a great guy and I have been told that I am not involved. So, I am not involved, and I shouldn’t talk about it because I am not involved”, said the president*.


 “One more thing Mr. President, when will you meet with the North Korean President, said the more sickly-looking entertainer. “Well we are looking into that. We have several dates, and several places. I would of course like it to be at one of my beautiful properties. But I am not involved”. “OK, well you probably have a million things to do Mr. President, we could talk like this all day and basically not say anything but I am sure you have to go”, said one of the entertainers. “Oh, I am getting a text from the first Lady’, said the president*. “I had told her that they couldn’t force her to testify against me”, said the president’ “She has responded, “They won’t have to” oh well that’s nice of her”, said the president*.

Care. Be safe. 4/28/2018

Don't count your Kimchi until it cures.

North Korea is promising great things, like no more war. I am guessing, North Korea will want the United States to get out of South Korea as a prerequisite. It is just a guess. I would love to see the Korean people live in peace. I would love to see all human animals live in peace. But I don’t trust North Korea’s leader any more than I trust president* #heelspurs.

Now I know that the MSM has a lot on their plate now a days. But if we are adding a TRILLION dollars to the debt in one fucking year, we should be talking about that EVERY DAY. A trillion dollars! In one year! Now pinheads will start to tell you we have to cut “entitlements”, which is why I don’t like to go out in public. As much as I would like to save the public, I have really lost my patience with extreme ignorance. When we help people, much of that goes into the economy. Tax cuts to the rich, do not go into the economy.

Under Shit I have learned.

You may have heard you can only get chicken pox once. Bullshit. You can get it more than once. It has a wicked long incubation period before the sores can appear, so that shit can be spread like peanut butter on warm toast.

Also, the appendix is usually on the right. But it is not always on the right.

Care. Be safe. 4/27/2018

Chip in a few if you can. 

Requiring ID’s to vote has but one purpose. To try to keep poor people from voting. Any other excuse used is pure bullshit. Give free ID’s or stop pretending. Also, requiring an ID and closing places where you get ID’s is a giant dick move. The following link will get you to a group who is hopefully helping people get ID’s.





  I listened to Bill Cosby years ago as a child. Go carts and Chicken heart, not to mention the show Fat Albert. Another person I looked up to has fallen. Behavior that some thought was acceptable was never really acceptable. Men, treating women like some kind of second class citizen or part-person, was never really acceptable. Treating another person that way for any reason is not fucking acceptable. I salute the #MeToo movement. Blaming the victims is the move of a coward, or someone too lazy to face the consequences.

Care. Be safe. 4/26/2018

Motivation is the mother of necessity.   

Some bankers need to start going to jail. Some corrupt business people need to not only be fined, but they need to go to jail! The people who should be imprisoned are the people that hurt others. Either physically or monetarily. Not because they couldn’t pay a fucking parking ticket or fine or some other bullshit. The money spent to incarcerate the enormous number of people that America does would be much better spent keeping people out of jails. We could build smaller, more efficient homes. We could rebuild our infrastructure without selling our fucking roads to big business. We could train more medical people, so they don’t have to constantly work understaffed. That both endangers the patient and makes their job SUCK!

  Now this is where the slow ones will say, But I don’t want to pay more in taxes. Well first, it is the one percent that needs to pay more in most cases as well as big business. Second, it costs a lot less up front to head off problems, then to just keep making the same mistakes again and again.

Dr. Ben I am a lunatic Carson proposed tripling the rent for those on housing assistance. We must pay for those tax cuts to the rich somehow, I guess. Are we great again yet?  Bwahahahaha. President* #heelspurs names a person to head the V.A. who is almost as unqualified for the job of running the VA as president* #heelspurs is for the job of president. But who fucking cares? I am hoping that more and more of us are caring. I am hoping that more and more of us are realizing that it really fucking matters who we elect.

Care. Be safe. 4/25/2018

The boy who would be King.  

The president was tweeting. “Why is Crooked Hillary not in jail? Deep state. I never spent the night in Russia. Fake news.”  Stephen Miller came in and said, “You wanted to see me Mr. president?” “Yea the liberal press are giving my appointee for the VA a hard time. I just got this report from the Inspector General on him. It has lots of words and looks important. I think it will help his case. Please release it to the press”. Yes sir Mr. President”, and he was gone.

  He tweeted some more, “Iran better watch out. We have smart missiles you don’t even know about. Obama should have stolen your money. Big mistake that he didn’t. #MACA”. He then started singing, ‘I am going to have a parade    and Obama never had one….   Jeff Sessions came in. “Oh Jeff, glad to see you. Am I still going to be in trouble with state investigations, if we get rid of the special Prosecutor?” “I do not know Mr. President”, was his answer. “I don’t think my lawyer Mike will flip on me, do you”?  “I just can’t take this kind of pressure. If I don’t answer right, you will hold that against me” screeched Jeff Sessions. He ran out of the room crying.

  The president tweeted, “I have my full confidence in Jeff Sessions and I have no plans to fire him. PBS lies. Big bird isn’t real.”  He pushed the intercom, “get me Stephen please”, asked the President*. The evil shadow that is Stephen Miller, floated back in. “Yes sir Mr. President?” “Stephen, Sessions has to go” said the president*. “Yes sir, I just saw your tweet” said Stephen. “I have been watching Judge Judy and I think she should be Attorney General.”  “But sir”, Steve tried to interject. “I am clearly a great judge of character. Everybody is talking about it. I want Judge Judy. Period.” “Yes Sir. I will start making calls”, said Steve.

  He tweeted some more, “Had a great time with the French President. We all held hands and kissed like long lost friends. Melania held my hand also and she really wanted to”. 

Care. Be safe. 4/24/2018

    I guess all good web sites have terms and conditions. 

1        It’s my web site. It is satire and reality mixed. If you don’t like any of it, then piss off.

2        I have no degree. The American version of the English language has no right to judge me. I see grammatical errors all the time on much bigger sites. But if I can’t figure out what they meant, that would me more on me…lol. I usually can.

3        All rights reserved means absolutely nothing.

4        Though there is data collected, I would have no desire or idea how to use it.

5        This is for entertainment purposes only, except when someone can learn from it. Then it is both.

6        “An even playing field must include access to the field.”   Tw

7        I am not perfect. Almost anything I believe at any time, could be proven wrong later.

8        I don’t have a problem with religions. I do have a problem with religions being used to bully others.

9        Void where prohibited. No purchase required. 

10   It is my belief that the two-party system is barely a democracy. One party must be just a little better or appear to be just a little better than the other one. State and local election rules favor the big 2.  The Electoral college is antiquated and should be abandoned. Gerrymandering should be outlawed.

11   These are a few of my favorite things.

12   Maybe changed as I see fit.

Care. Be safe. 4/23/2018

Hanging out at the White House.

  The president* was playing with army men on his desk when his new National Security Adviser came in. “I want the green ones”, said John Bolton. “Well I sure as hell don’t want the brown ones”, said the president*. Let’s just both play the green ones, and destroy all the brown ones”, said Bolton. Just then Stephen Miller oozed in. I want in on blowing up the brown soldiers also. They played and played and tax payers expense.

  “I need a war to distract from the Russian investigation John”, said the president*. “I am working on a couple of things”, said John. “Israeli intelligence is telling the truth about the last round of missile attacks”, said Stephen. “Maybe we should tell the truth about what is going in the West Bank”, said John. “At least Vlad is keeping his side of the bargain and keeping quiet”, said the president*.

  OK, I have to send out some tweets. “Komey is a proven liar. His brain is government property. I didn’t declassify his brain, which is lying. Fake News. Clinton?”. “My entire tiny withered heart goes out to the Bush family today. Barbara Bush thought I was a great president. Everyone was talking about it”. John and Stephen were still torturing the little brown toy soldiers. “My attorney would never flip on me. So everything he said is the truth.” Finally, “Oprah could never beet me. She is black so she may be Muslim. More fake news. #MAGA”.

Care. Be safe. 4/22/2018

List what?

USA Today reported that a Texas School had asked students to list positive thing about slavery. It was a charter school of course. The term Charter School, means fuck public education in republican speak. Clearly the dumber the electorate, the better for republicans. Let me once again mention that I do not think the democratic party is perfect. The republican party however, has embraced a president* that acts and talks like a pig. They have thrown out the window ANY semblance of honor and dignity they had.

Care. Be safe.  4/21/2018

What are we protecting?

What is the reason for the biggest military on earth? For protection, right? We need to be protected from others who would poison us. Yet, we allow our own governments to poison us through our water. We let agriculture poison us through questionable pesticides and herbicides. We let big business poison our water and air and environment.  We sure as hell don’t want others forcing their religion down our throats. Though years of having Christianity shoved down our throats was just fine for some. We don’t want others telling us what to learn in school. But here in the good old US, it is just fine to water down the history that you don’t like when you are in charge.

This unacceptable amount of money we spend on the military, is keeping us from having healthcare, roads that are drivable and bridges that are crossable and better education for all. Between the military, and stupid ass tax cuts for the rich, we are screwing ourselves.  What we are protecting, is a future to be enslaved by big corporations, and a few rich assholes.

As a child, this is how I saw the war on drugs. “Drugs are bad for you and will ruin your life. So, if we catch you with drugs, we will put you in jail and ruin your life”. I was a child, and I figured out that there was no logic in that at all. You know when you are watching a scary movie, and you hear the music start playing? It is playing people. Hear the fricken music and let’s work together to make a better place to live. Have a great weekend.

Care. Be safe.4/20/2018

China steals from us.

The last job I had in Florida, before I moved to Indiana, was filling vending machines for a friend of mine.  It was a great job. I visited a lot of companies and met a lot of people from all walks of life. The worst two places were law offices. What pricks those people were.

I few years ago, I went back for a visit. I dropped some computers off at a friend of mines shop. I hadn’t seen him for a long time. I asked him what he had been up to. He told me he had worked for a company that made signs and that he had written some of the code. I recognized the name of the company as one that had been on my vending route. I asked him how they were doing? He said that a Chinese company had bought them, and then closed them down. So this foreign company came in, bought the company and there-by helped themselves to the technology and killed the jobs.

  Now I am sure that this was not an isolated incident. I heard recently that China wouldn’t need to rely on anyone else’s technology soon. That’s because they have stolen everyone else’s, or “legally” bought it!  The powerful and the greedy understand one thing above all else. Money! We all must vote with our wallets. Boycotts are working. At least they are for those of us who actually buy things.

Care. Be safe. 4/19/2018

The dumbing down of the flock. 

  A study conducted by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, claims a large majority of Americans don’t know what happened at Auschwitz. An estimated 1.1 million people were put to death there. Even if the study is off an only half of Americans don’t know what Auschwitz is, that is a very disturbing thing indeed. I have a very dark and dry sense of humor. But concentration camps are not something that I make fun of. It fucking happened. I have heard people claim well maybe the numbers are too high. It fucking happened. When you start whining about the numbers, then tiny brained people will question whether it happened at all. Then guess what? It fucking happens again!

  I had two uncles who were in the military towards the end of World War ll. They both were in units that were liberating Concentration camps. One was Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob was very religious. As the story goes, he had been to or was planning on going to school to be a sky daddy liaison. Then he got to witness first hand, some of God’s, children’s handiwork. According to adults at the time, he had joined the “circus.”  I only got to meet him a few times. I was a child and all I knew is he brought me things when he came. I was told he could not keep a job and kind of drifted around. I am not sure what happened to him.

  The other Uncle was Uncle Roland. He worked at NASA for a while. He was also a jazz pianist. My mother told me that he brought pictures back of some of what he saw. He would only show those pictures to his father. Then, he burned them. It fucking happened people. You wouldn’t know it by the way Israel bullies the Palestinians, but it fucking happened! We are just a stupid species of Monkeys with cell phones.

Care. Be safe. 4/18/2018

Say what???? 

I had to go out into public. I took my son to the dentist. I got to talking to the office manager about health insurance. I said we pay $929.00 dollars per month for health insurance. She replied with, “yea Obama care messed up the insurance”. Now I know this person lives in Indiana, but I would think someone who is working with insurance companies every day, might be a little smarter about it.

  I am 56 years old. Pretty much every year, the cost of our health insurance goes up. Now Nixon signed into law the Health Maintenance Act of 1973. He gave the impression it was to help people. It was only an impression.  It ended up making it possible for many other entities to make a profit off the health care industry. Gee, I don’t think Obama care did that. CEO’s of big pharma and health insurance companies continue to get raises in the MILLIONS, while their customers continue to get screwed. Pretty sure Obama Care isn’t responsible for that.

  The ACA, or Obama Care did create thousands of good paying jobs. The ACA did get insurance to MILLIONS of people who otherwise couldn’t afford it. The ACA DID get rid of problems with pre-existing conditions. The ACA DID let you keep your children on your insurance until they are 26. So please tell me how the fuck the ACA messed up insurance?

Care. Be safe. 4/17/2018

The president's* lawyer.  

The president* was in the Oval Office, sending out tweet after tweet like America sent him to Washington DC to do. “James Comey is a dodo head. Everybody is talking about it. I never met the man”, he tweeted.  He giggled a little. Just then the president’s* Imp, Stephen Miller came in and said, “Mr. President, your friend from pox news is on line one. He seems pretty upset.”  “Vanity”, said the president*, “Did you see I wore the tie you sent over? You really are letting Mueller have it on your show. I really appreciate it. Don’t forget, you will have an ambassador job for this”. He then hung up without letting Vanity say anything.

   He tweeted some more.  “All lawyers have been mortally wounded by the raid on my attorney’s office. Unpresidented meanness to my administration. Everyone is saying so.” Then the attorney General came in. “Jeff, said the president, do you think I should fire Bob Mueller?”  “I don’t know”, said the AG. “Well what about Rosenstein” said the president*? “I don’t recall”, said the AG. “Have you talked to my attorney Mike like I asked you to”, asked the president*? “I can’t remember”, said the AG. “We are getting ready to order lunch, do you want some Jeff”, the president* asked? “I don’t know”, said the AG.

  Stephen Miller spoke again, “Mr. President, it’s vanity on the phone again”. Donnie said, “Tell Vanity the FBI came by and ruffed me up. They threw me to the ground and said they would always be loyal to President Obama. Tell him that the agents were female, and minorities, and that it was a terrorist act against The United States, and white people in particular”. Then, and hour later, call the other media and tell them that I have never heard of Vanity. I have never talked to him and he has never given me a tie to wear”. Then I want to go down to Florida and lie to the tax payers about tax cuts on their dime, and then go play golf”.

Care. Be safe. 4/16/2018

Universal income

  Now if you mention this term to a Republican, it could be hazardouss to his health. For years I watched as manufacturing jobs that were lost because of technology. Some of those jobs have been made up by the service industry, and many more will probably be created. But, at some point, we either embrace Universal Income, or we embrace total destruction. The thought of “giving” everyone money will appall some. Too bad starving children and shitty schools don’t appall those same people. Some will say that this is taking away from someone else. I call bullshit. The masters, the 1% of the 1% cannot continue to screw the rest of us. Greed is not sustainable in a working society.

  If you add up some the money that already goes towards helping people in some areas, that money cold be better spent in the economy. If we could evolve to single payer health, that would create jobs and reasons to train more people. A better way of life more people and eventually all people, means a much better society and a much better quality of life. By continuing down the path we are on now, unbridled greed, very few get to enjoy a real quality of life.

  I would like to touch on some of the disturbing police videos we have seen. If you are one of those who say’ “just do what the police tell you”, I have no idea what you are doing on this website. Think about what we haven’t seen through the years. Think about when there were not any videos. Think about what it must feel like to be Black and have a Family and get humiliated very fucking time you get pulled over.  Just do what they say my ass! They have fucking rules also. There are reasons for those rules! This is more of that pretending that I have been talking about. Stop pretending things are just fine if you do what they say. There is clearly a lot of evidence to prove that statement wrong!  I want everyone to be safe. The police, the people they pull over. This should not be that fucking hard to figure out.

Care. Be safe. 4/15/2018

New pages.

Last nights war ramblings were brought to you by war anxiety. The president* of course, handled it like he handles everything else. Poorly. Unfortunately, he is not in charge of a fucking TV show. Unfortunately, it really does matter who we elect. Anyways, I am doing a little spring cleaning around the web site. Check out Donnie’s page about his continual saga, which of course is unfortunately our continual saga also. I have also added a page for Martin, though I am not sure how much more abuse he can stand. I am pretty sure he deserves more.

I would urge you to call your “representatives” and let them know you care, and what you care about. Please write sponsors. They love to hear from us. Please donate cash and or time to charity’s and candidates that don’t suck.

Care. Be safe. 4/14/2018


  I am all for going after bullies when it can be done. However, in the case of president* #heelspurs bombing Syria, I must keep my perspective. Chemical weapons are absolutely unacceptable.  The United States really showed its ass by electing president* #heelspurs. That of course was clearly helped by Russia. We also owe China a lot of money, but we also buy their shit. Last I checked 8% of our debt was owned by them. Now the ass in the White House may have affected that by running up the debt by a trillion in one fucking year, but, I digress.

  With people like Putin, money talks. In the end, we must let everyone in the world, including people in the United States know, that it is sociably unacceptable to be a bully. We either live among each other, or we all die. Either get your sky daddies to work it out or piss off. Keep your hands off other people’s or other countries shit. If Putin and his friends lose a few billion dollars, maybe they won’t be such dicks. Hey China, didn’t we kind of help you in the 1930’s -1940’s? Well don’t let history keep you from wanting to conquer the planet like an old black and white film. Don’t forget, you had to steal technology. You have not stolen all of it!

  We must not let president* #heelspurs send thousands of people off to die. We must use diplomacy when we can, and real intelligence. Not like the aluminum can intelligence that sent us to Iraq! Also, there is a big difference between supporting wars or a war and supporting the troops. Don’t buy into that old horse shit. At least there were some other countries in on this. We stand together, or we fall together. I am ready to stand.

Care. Be safe. 4/13/2018

 Tweeter and Chief.

The president had 16 chicken strips and two large mashed potatoes and gravy from the Colonel. Every time he ate from the Colonel, he felt patriotic. The president* put on his red white and blue tie, that pox show host Vanity sent him. He got all his best tips from Vanity, he thought. After watching a few hours of pox news, and filling his extra-large belly, he was ready for the world. He got out his phone! “I am sending some missiles to Syria. So, if you are Russia, be sure to move all your stuff!”, he tweeted.  Stevie the skeleton man Miller, rushed in.  “Mr. President, we are getting calls from the Hill about your tweet. “Just a minute Stan”, said the president. “Putin, we will send a red white and blue smart missile right up your ass, and those diamonds in my Easter basket were fake, you bitch”, he tweeted. “Now what was this about birds on some hill, Scott?” “That’s Stave I mean Steve, Mr. President, we are getting a lot of phone calls about your tweets reference Syria from angry Congresspersons”. “There is no pleasing those lemmings”, he said the president*.

  He went into the bathroom, where he sent many of his tweets and tried to undo the damage, he didn’t understand. “Maybe there will be no Missiles. Our relationship with Russia has never been worse. It is clearly Obama’s fault”, he tweeted. After his third flush, he tweeted some more.  “Amazon is stealing from the post office. They may be shipping drugs also, we just don’t know. The US Post Office is loosing a gabillion dollars a month because of this. Bad Bad Bad.” Was his next masterpiece. After the sixth flush, he was ready to go after Hillary.  “There was a crooked Hillary, she talked a crooked pile. She broke so many laws and deleted so many files”, was his last tweet before exiting the restroom.

  By now several people were in the Oval Office. “did we get rid of that black guy with the expensive table yet”, asked the president*? “No", said Steve. “When we do, I want that table. I will eat some chicken on that thing”, said the President*.  “The price of gas is starting too rise”, said Steve. “But I just gave all those war toys to some Prince”, he said.  “Well actually you sold them, and that is not really where we get our gas from anyhow, Mr. President*”, said Steve. “You know most people probably don’t know how hard this job is Steve?”, said the president*. Steve gazed at the president*, longing for the power he thought he had.

Care. Be safe. 4/12/2018.

A Full Plate for Donnie!

  It was 5AM. The president* had not slept much. He was the best president ever! Why could only a handful of nutjobs see this? Stephen Miller came in. “Mr. President, Michael Cohen is on line 1, it seems he has had some visitors”. “Ok, Stevie, Hello Michael, what good news do you have for me? The FBI did what? But this is an attack on our very country! Don’t worry, I will pardon you”. Steve came in again, “Mr. President, we have a situation in Syria.” “I Told Vlad he could have Syria”, said the President. “Well you need to look at the situation and decide on a response”. “I usually send some nice wine, and then don’t pay the bill”, he said. “I don’t think that will work this time, Mr. President”, said Steve.

“Mr. President, the CBO says that your tax cuts are going to make the deficit balloon” said Steve. “Have Sara tell them that it’s is all fake news. Also, the FBI raiding my attorneys house in the middle of the night, like a bunch of thugs, is and attack on our white way of life”. “Ah Mr. President, Sara is having lunch with Mr. Mueller”. The president’s normally ice pale look somehow turned whiter. Someone else came in. No one knew their name because of the turnover. “Mr. President, the stock market is tumbling”. He stared at her.

Just then the TV was turned on to his favorite channel. “We here at pox entertainment think the president is doing a wonderful job. The streets have never been whiter, the future has never been whiter, the stock market proves that the economy is doing well, and he is winning war after war all by himself”. “Everyone out, this is my favorite show”.

Care. Be safe. 4/11/2018


How has Martin been?
  Martin was returned to his cell. But not before a thorough cavity search was done to find the drugs.  His cell had also been searched. Everything but clothes and linen had been thrown away. “My lawyer will here about this!”, he shouted at the guard. “Duly noted”, said the guard quietly. While making his bed, he found a note. $1000 deposited in this account, will make you safe.

  These fuckers he thought! He wanted to turn the note in. But to who? That could bring more unpleasantness. He had money, and wasn’t this what money was for? To enjoy more things then the next person?  The next day, a friend came to see him. He told him about all the fun he was having. He showed him the note, and the friend copied down the account number and agreed to make the deposit for him.

  The next day, his breakfast came, and it was real food. It tasted all right compared to what he had been eating. That morning, he went out to his cage, and it was like he wasn’t even there. No one looked at him, or covered him in loogies. Lunch was a cheeseburger with all the fixings. The fries were pretty good too. “I could do this for a bit”, he thought. Dinner came with mash potatoes, gravy and apple pie, and another note.  “That’s $1000 a day.”   FFFFffffuuuuuccccckkkkkkk! He yelled.
Care. Be safe. 4/10/2018
My John Thomas is bigger than your John Thomas.
  It looks like Israel, who sucks from USA’s teat, attacked Syria. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Jewish people. I absolutely don’t support giving Israel billions of dollars, so they can be the neighborhood bully. I certainly don’t know all the ins and outs of the conflicts. I just know that war makes us all look stupid and greedy. Monetary pressure may be the only answer. Complete destruction might be the end result.

  If the internet wasn’t around, maybe it could be understandable. But the internet unfortunately just makes it that much easier to make people stupid in larger quantities. The damage done to people and the earth from war are all unacceptable. Children have gone through so much because old men wanted to think that their dick was bigger than that the next old man! 

  Then they go to their Holy Places and pray. We are going to smite your enemies God! We are doing this all for you God! We are building a wall to keep those leeches out for you God! We are giving tax cuts to the rich and screwing the poor all for you God! Personally, I don’t have a god. But if I did, I can’t imagine he would be very impressed with all the fucking lying that is going on down here.

 Care. Be safe. 4/9/2018
Both parties are the same?
This was posted on a friends Facebook. “Corporate neoliberal democrats lie as much & do as much damage to the working, middle classes as well as to poor & young people. You see I was alive during the Clinton & Obama years & I have what you call a memory. Both parties serve the same donor class.”

This is the kind of thing people type when they are being lazy. First, it implies each party lies and does and equal amount of damage to certain groups of people. What a complete crock of shit! I don’t remember the Democrats giving that many tax cuts to the rich. President Obama pretty much had to go along with the house of republicans with continuing the tax cuts George W. started and we couldn’t afford. Remember when Mitch and Boehner said they wouldn’t work with president Obama BOTH times he was elected? Does your “memory” remember that? Democrats want to expand programs that help people. Republicans want to get rid of those programs. So how the fuck is that the same?

Have you seen the videos of the schools in Oklahoma? Who has been running some of those southern states into the ground? Democrats? NO. Does that spot-on memory of yours remember Unions? Both parties have been killing Unions? Pretty sure one party is mostly responsible for that. That is where the middle class is getting hit the hardest.  Republicans are certainly known for helping the poor.  BWAhahahahaha

Neither party is perfect. To say that they are both damaging to the same extent is just silly. Also, lying is wrong. So saying both parties do it is just some kind of lazy copout. It is not acceptable no matter who does it. Say that! Anyone who gets elected needs to be watched no matter the party. Anyone who gets elected needs to be helped, or we deserve what we get.

Care. Be s afe. 4/8/2018
What have we learned Dorothy?
Well first, I probably won’t do it again for a while. I posted on a fox entertainment story, that we have been at net zero for years. Then I had to explain to them what that meant. They weren’t buying it. Those hateful assholes think those little foreign people need to wait in that imaginary fucking immigration line. After all, their forefathers stole this Land fair and square.
They liked to attack me personally, because it makes them feel better about themselves, I guess. Also, they know damn well they never gave any though to the FACT that Mexico couldn’t, not to mention wouldn’t pay for that stupid ass wall. They seemed to think I never graduated High School. I did. Largo High School, Largo Florida, Class of 1979. Feel free to look it up. I was also honest about how long I was I the military. It was less than two years, and the reason is none of anybody’s fucking business. I didn’t get 5 deferments, the 5th for #heelspurs while I was playing sports just fine. That would be “our” president*.
Boy did they get triggered when I said, “have a great day”. More than half of the responses were petty insults. I guess they wanted me to reply with some petty insults. Fuck that. If you are going to come at me with name calling, I have no use for you. But I will wish you well, or some other handy salutation.
The things that they said about illegal immigrants, were disgusting. They called them “leachers, and rapists, and they steal from their own kind, and their own kind leaves them in the dessert to die.” They never mentioned though that a lot of them are trying to escape from violence in their own country. Because unfortunately, those countries are almost all run by men. Not the best idea to be sure.
Care. Be safe. 4/7/2018

Late edition:

Look, president* #heelspurs is allowing coal companies to dump waste in water ways. I do not live near any of those water ways, but I still care. The people in the south are getting screwed by their states governments leaving them poor and in poor health. I don’t live there, but I still care. That is how this stuff is supposed to work. Have a great weekend’   4/6/2018


I am a troll apparently...lol.

Today I ventured into the belly of the beast. I took on the believers of president* #heelpurs on a fox news story on facebook. It wasn’t much of a battle. Most of them are ill prepared. We were “discussing” illegal immigration. Now there are many factors to this, other than, they are breaking the law. So first, don’t come at me with this breaking the law shit, while you let that complete fucking embarrassment be in the White House. NOTHING has been done about the Attorney General lying under oath, YET!

Several people told me incorrectly that illegal aliens don’t contribute, and they don’t pay taxes. Those are both FUCKING lies. Watching more fox entertainment, will not enlighten you. There is already food rotting in fields but hey let’s not let reality bother us. Many of the DACA have both jobs and college degrees. You trumpsters going to take up their jobs? 

It comes down to this. If we keep letting the super-rich fuck us, we will keep getting fucked. If we put money in the economy, IT WILL get better. If we give money to rich people, that only helps them. How pathetic of a species are we?

Care. Be safe. 4/6/2018

I took the 5th off for mental awareness. I am even more aware now.


See ya tonight.

Care. Be safe. 4/6/2018 Early edition.

Play their game. 

Joe Donnelly is a Senator from the state of Indiana. Do you know how he got elected? Well in the primary, you can only vote Republican or Democrat. You don’t have to be registered as either one. You just ask for that party’s ballot and there you go. In the primary, for the republicans, a lot of Democrats voted for Richard Mourdock over the much more qualified Richard Luger. That way, Mourdock won the nomination. Then, we just let Mourdock’s mouth do the rest and voila, we end up with Joe Donnelly, who is clearly a republican lite but an extra seat for the Democrats sometimes.

Now coming up in the next election, this might happen again. Luke Messer is a bland stick in the mud regular Indiana Republican, which means he dosn't give a shit about us. So, we vote for Rokita over Messer in the primary’s. It looks like Rokitas’s mouth might just do the trick again. We will have to wait and see. I just gave some of Rokita’s comments a look-see. It should work like a charm. 

The republicans are using gerrymandering, dark money, closing polling places, requiring ID’s and closing ID places, real fake news from Russia, fox entertainment dumbing down a large portion of the electorate, purging voter rolls, reducing early voting, and so on to suppress the vote. Then they stand for the anthem, like everything is ok. Everything is not fucking ok! I heard Alice Copper tonight talk about how bad it was to hate America. Not thinking America is perfect, is not hating America Alice. Talk to the soybean farmers in a few months and see how they feel about America.

Care. Be safe. 4/4/2018

Don't get your "news" from one source.

I have a way to save America Billions of dollars. Instead of building a wall, we could just continue to make the United States more like a shithole. Immigration from the soout5h has been at net zero for quite sometime now. Those of us who are smarter, know this. The president* and his believers clearly are not privy to this important information. Let’s just continue to get rid of rules that make the rich and big corporations safer. We can poison the air and poison the water. Let the Police beat up and kill whoever they want. It will be a fucking paradise for those not smart enough to know better. 

Many reports are saying, the United States will have to borrow a TRILLION dollars. I just can’t stop doing my happy dance with all this fucking winning! Remember when people whined about how much President Obama was spending? Remember how they weren’t smart enough to know that President Obama added the wars to the fucking budget? Who needs reality, right? It’s much easier to be lazy and stupid I guess.

On a brighter note, the Democrats have one some election in ret territory. I am by no means saying the Democrats are perfect. Anyone who gets elected to a public office, should be helped and watched. Regardless of the party, or any connection to any Deity. If they wanted to spur the economy, they should have given money to those who would spend it. Any republican who supported the president* is complicit. They have showed their cards.

Care. Be safe.  4/3/2018

Donnies tea party.

 The president* hadn’t played golf in a day or two. He loaded onto the Republican Spy Ship Uranium Two. They were eventually going to Florida, but first, they had a mission to go on.  There were boxes of outfits. Mike Pence was happy as a clam, Mother didn’t make the trip. They spoke in small excited groups. They were nearing their objective, so they started to put the outfits on. They were First Nation outfits. The president* of course was dressed as a chief. Mike was dressed as his squaw. Unfortunately, Jeff Sessions also wanted the same outfit, so he was left behind.

Their objective, was a secret underground storage facility, owned by Amazon. The president* had seen fox entertainment talk about Amazon, so he of course didn’t know anything about them. He somehow thought the Post Office was losing money, and not getting paid by Amazon. He was also probably too stupid to know that Amazon charged sales tax in all 50 states.  The Republican Spy Ship Uranium Two pulled up to the facility. It was guarded by machine guns. They fired a warning shot.

The Republicans announced themselves. “This vessel has the president* of the United States aboard. He demands access to your facility.” The facility fired a few more rounds over the vessel. The president took the microphone. “This is the president*, I have a deal for you. Don’t make me send the Marine Core in here. The economy is maybe the best ever. Dow jones is fake news, except when they’re doing good. Do you have a clean toilet? The military is all nice and strong again. I am really good at building things. I started out with blocks, then I looked for low paid foreign workers. Do you have any foreign workers here I could use?" This time, a missile went whizzing by the Republicans Spy Ship Uranium Two. Then came an announcement. “If that putz says one more word, we will destroy your ship. There are no more warnings. My god, can he ramble on!” Dejected, the Republicans turned towards Florida, where they could go lick their wounds at tax payer expense.

Care. Be safe. 4/2/2018

Donnie gets a basket. 

Easter morning in the White House. The president* couldn’t wait to see what the Easter Bunny brought him. Clearly now that he was a “Christian”, the bunny would bring him something. Just then, Stephen Miller came in with a huge basket on a cart. “This is from president* Putin, Mr. president”, he said. “Is he the Easter Bunny”, said the president*?  “Ah yea, as a matter a fact, he is, Mr. president*.” Some of these eggs are filled with diamonds for Mrs. Trump”, said Steve. “Fuck that”, said the president*. “Get them all out of here before she comes in Steve”, said the president.

“I have written my Easter Speech”, said the president*.

“On this very special day, especially for Christians, it is just unbelievably important to families. It goes back, unbelievably far. You can’t imagine how far back it goes, and how much it means to everyone. I will be going to Church and thanking Jesus for the Easter bunny and my chocolate.”

“Are you sure you want to use that speech Mr. president”, asked Steve? “I AM THE PRESIDENT*”, bellowed the president*. I was elected by the biggest margin in history, he went on.  All those meetings we had with the Russians are fake news!”  He started to weep. My crowds were the biggest, he openly wept now. Toby Keith played for me”. Even Steve was laughing now. “Now get out and leave me with my basket and tell Melania I already left”.  Steve ran out giggling.


Care. Be safe. 4/1/2018

Forgot the headline.   lol

I celebrate lots of holidays, even though I am not connected to any religion. Well no religion other than the future Sarcastic Druid. Some lucky kids will wake up tomorrow, not only to a basket full of candy, but many presents as well. They will put on fancy clothes, because it is all pretend, and they will go to church. They will remember how white people killed Christ. Meanwhile in Puerto Rico, there are still many without power. There are many without water. In fact, engineers have given the whole United States water system a D grade.

What have we learned Dorothy? It’s ok to hate on people that are different. It is ok for religious leaders to support a giant piece of shit like president* #heelspurs. Unbridled greed is ok, screw those poor people, they should have been born white. They should have been born to a rich family. It’s ok to screw the working person, to give more to the rich. It’s ok to elect a president that acts like a fucking pig and treats women the unfortunate way too many white religious guys think is ok. It’s ok to bully people, if they are not white.  These are the morals that gutless brainless fucks throughout this country are using to raise their offspring. It is completely unacceptable.

Pray to whoever you want to. If you think your god wants us to live a certain way, you lead by example. Don’t push that shit onto others. Any religious leader that supported president* #heelspurs is completely without honor and integrity. I guess the difference between myself and many others, is I want everyone to have a great day tomorrow. I see so many here in the United States, that are only routing for their own kind, whatever that is.

Care. Be safe. 3/31/2018

Have a great weekend!

I scanned a few stories today about food stamps. The right says they started so soar when President* #Obama took office. What they won’t tell you, is that the Baby Boomers are starting to reach retirement age. Not that many of them are ready to retire financially. How many worked for years, only to end up getting screwed out of some or all of their retirement? How many were not lucky enough to get a job with benefits?

I read an article online that wants you to believe that after Kansas started requiring food stamp recipients to work, those receiving food stamp went down. It quoted some bogus numbers from some stupid ass think tank. What a load of shit. The tax cuts that were just dispersed went mostly to the rich and big corporations. Most of that money will not go into the economy.

I am far more careful about what I post now on social media. There is a lot of bullshit going around. We have to be part of the solutions, not part of the problems.

I will leave you with this.

Let’s say there are ten people on an island.

1 person gets 90% of the wealth.

2 people get 4% of the wealth, each.

The other 7 shares 2% of the wealth.

Greed is NOT sustainable.

Care. Be safe. 3/30/2018

When debating on Social Media, many seem woefully unprepared.

The right doesn’t have much to fall back on other than some pathetic puns and meme’s. I was called a loser tonight…lol. I am doing just fine tonight.  “I was told about the commie left” by someone who must be 80 or so. They are really quick to tell you, you need to do research, like that makes them look smart. It doesn’t. They love the Kool-Aid comment. That term originated from a religious cult using Christianity, originally, to massacre Children, Women, and Men. I don’t joke about it.

Are they raising children with those brains? An endless line of cavepeople, happy to be un-attached from reality, and probably don’t realize they’re un-attached. That’s no excuse. They are sowing seeds of hate with some extra bullshit fertilizer to help it grow. Well look out old white men. The young are leading the charge. Better steal what you can now. If the country isn’t destroyed and our legal system isn’t destroyed, some heads are going to legally roll!  

If not, then what I have said all along will have been proven. It’s all fake. The satnding for the anthem, the flag stickers on your truck, all of it. Prove that the anthem should be stood for by standing up to that thug of a president*. Or quit pretending.

Care. Be safe. 3/29/2018

Martin's saga continues.

Martin was not to be fooled again. He would trust his prepackaged broken snacks for now. His meals started to arrive normal looking. He wasn’t taking the bait again, as far as he knew. He was having a dream again. He was at Cony Island with his brother and two sisters. He loved Cony Island. He was born in Cony Island Hospital. There were a lot of birds this time. It felt like they were crapping all over him.

Now he was a monkey. He had an unusual feeling of freedom. He climbed and climbed. He let out some loudass monkey noises. He climbed some more. He screeched some more. He was the king. Then lightning hit him. He dropped like a rock. A rock that had been hit by lightning. When he woke, he was in the infirmary at the prison. Shit he thought. It was a dream. He was really sore and chained to the bed.

Nurse, he said. The nurse came in and said, “oh you are finally awake”. “What happened to me”, said Martin.  “Well first you took some drugs”, “No I didn’t” interrupted Martin. “Well they got in your body somehow, she said, then you started climbing around the cage outside like you were some kind of Tarzan or something. They had to tazze you to get you down. We drew some blood and there were drugs in your body. That will probably add some years to your sentence”, she finished. She turned to leave, and Martin started to scream. She shut the sound proof door and went back to her duties.

Care. Be safe. 3/28/2018

#Heelspurs' saga continues.

The president* squatted in the Oval Office. He told his staff to send in his new lawyer for his Russian Investigation.  Mr. Septuagenarian walked in. They shook hands. “I have heard good things about you on TV Mr. SepticAquariam.”  “That’s Septuagenarian, Mr. President”, said Mr. Septuagenarian. “I don’t think this is going to work out Mr. Aquaman. Have a nice day.”, said the president*.   “Tell Sara Mr. Octogenariandidn’t work out’, said the president*. “I am afraid Sara doesn’t work here anymore, Mr. president”, said Stephen Miller.   “How do you still work here”, asked the president*?  “I am your most loyal subject, Mr. President*”, said Stephen. “You do kiss ass like no other Steve”, said the president.

“Here is a list of the questions Mr. Mueller wants to ask you Mr. president*”, said Stephen. “Good” said the president*. “I want to learn the answers before he questions me”, said the president*. “These aren’t multiple choice, I wanted multiple choice questions”, he said. “Tell Bob that I want multiple choice, and one of the choices has to be fake news”. “have them bring those big trucks back next week’ they were fun to pretend to drive”, said the president. “How is my military parade coming”? “All the preparations are being made Mr. president”, said Stephen.

“Now I want to go play golf, schedule me a trip to Florida for a couple of days. Find something I can pretend to care about down there”. “Will do Mr. President”. Stephen rushed out of the room before the president* could say anything else. Meanwhile, across town, Mr. Mueller and Sara Shuckabee Slanders were just finishing a nice meal. Mr. Mueller had several new legal pads and a stack of pens in from of them. It was going to be a long week.

Care. Be safe. 3/27/2018

Change is in the air.

I was happy to jump into a gun conversation on Facebook today. This one person said, “well it’s more than just about gun control”. So, I listed several things, and she responded with, “we were talking about guns”. Fortunately, she didn’t continue.

The issue of guns is a multi-faceted issue.

1)       Availability. This clearly affects mass shootings and really all shootings. This covers both a child having access to a weapon, and your ability to purchase weapons you don’t fucking need and everything in between. If you want to fight the government, do it at the ballot box.

2)       Second Amendment. Apparently, our forefathers, some of whom raped slaves, gave us the ability to own something that was not invented yet. This may not seem pertinent to you, but it is too me.

3)       Health insurance and mental health could be included in number #4. President Reagan pretty much axed mental health, so don’t even bring that up if you’re a republican. Republican politicians don’t give a shit about you or me. The United States should have single payer. It became legal under Nixon to make a profit off health care. What a Dick.

4)       Quality of life. If not for greed, many more people      could have a far better quality of life. Everyone deserves to earn enough to live on.  When more people have a better quality of life, I am guessing mass shootings and things like that will go down. But 100 or so schmucks have to stash most of the wealth in their real-life Game of Life.

5)       Out-dated or bad laws. Prohibition didn’t work. You probably don’t remember, but hopefully you read about it in a history books. So, they ignored the obvious and came up with drug laws to insure a never-ending supply of slave labor. This keeps some people desperate


I am sure there are more. We have got to stop being one dimensional about these things or we will not find answers.

Care. Be safe. 3/26/2018

Sara and #heelspurs' Saga continues.

The president* had to have a complete change of clothes. The White House was releasing their side of the story.  “The former White House spokesperson, Sara has decided to change positions. Her sudden outburst can only be explained by blaming the Deep State, or Fake News. “

President* #heelspurs was pissed. He was hollering new rules left and right.

·      There will be NO more ice cream for anyone except me, and I still get two scoops.

·      We will hire several more women. Then we will fire them.

·      Anyone having a baby in the ninth month will be arrested.

·      Everyone but and my family and I fly’s commercial from now on.

·      Now I want a bigger parade with balloons and clowns and those guys in the tiny cars.


The republican Spy Ship Uranium Two had dropped Sara Shuckabee Slanders off on a remote island. She was groggy and angry. But mostly angry. She sat there reviewing her options. Just then she saw a helicopter in the distance. It landed on the island not too far away. Special Investigator Robert Mueller got out and walked towards Sara. He handed her a bottle of water. “Sara can we talk”, he said?  “You bet your ass we can”, she replied. The two of walked back to the chopper and they were off.


Care. Be safe. 3/25/2018



Martin's Tale, continued. 

Martin was losing weight. He had money in his commissary, but his things usually showed up damaged. He took a towel with him now when he went out into the yard. “I will be out of here before you fuckers”, Martin would scream at them. They would laugh and spit harder and more often into his cage, Humming songs from Wu Tang’s album, the Verge.

When he got back to his cell, his supper was waiting for him. It appeared to be ok. A hamburger, fries and chocolate milk. He ate like he was free again. He dreamed of when he would get out and be a real financial bully. He would squeeze people even harder for this. He would make them pay. He dreamed of being on a yacht.  Beautiful women were squirting something into his mouth. It was salty, but he was on a yacht and didn’t care. They squirted stuff onto his face and laughed and laughed. He laughed with them. He was having a great time. Now they were spanking him. Kind of hard, but he was free, and he was alive.

Martin woke up and realized he hadn’t been dreaming. He had been drugged. Then he had been defiled. They had at least fixed the sink now, so he could use that. He sat on his bed eating broken cookies and smashed chips. Something wasn’t agreeing with his stomach.


Care. Be safe. 3/24/2018

You should probably sell that Breitbart stock.

On a positive note, Breitbart has lost half of their readers in 6 months according to The Hill. Vote with your money people. Call the advertiser and tell them, “We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!” Greed only understands one thing. Wealth.

I just got back from a local McDonalds. I had given someone else a ride there. I don’t go there very much anymore, but I noticed they had a little kiosk thing, so you can order yourself. Jobs are disappearing. How can we as a society be so blind? A society that works for everyone is good for everyone. When shit gets real, that money won’t help you at all. You better figure that shit out quick. Time is clearly running out for us.

President* #heelspurs threatened to not sign the new budget. He blamed Democrats for not helping the DACA people. Didn’t DACA start with an executive order you putz? President Obama did it with an executive order, so if you knew how to fucking read, you could do one also president* #heelspurs. Actually president* #heelspurs has almost signed double that of President Obama. But let’s not let facts and reality get in the way. Sadly, they don’t.

Be safe on the marches.

Care. Be safe. 3/23/2018

#Heelspurs' story.   (Continued )

“Where are you? you gutless fuck” screamed the former White House spokesperson. Stephen Miller tried to intervene. Sara kicked him so hard between the legs, if there were any nuts there, they were out of order now. He lay whimpering in the hall. Heads looked out of doors, and then the doors slammed all down the hall. Sara knew where he was. Sara was angry.

Sara stood outside the presidents* favorite bathroom. “Get your fat yellow ass out here for the beating you deserve”, she yelled. “I know you’re in there. I can here you sob”. Just then a dart hit Sara in the thigh. She turned to look at the person who shot her. She hit him with a vase. The other agent laughed and said,” I told you that wouldn’t bring her down”.  Then he too was hit with a flying object. Sara slammed her body against the bathroom door. “I will beat you like my brother beats a dog”, she shouted.

Just then three bigger darts hit her in the side. She turned to look at who shot her, staring as she slid to the floor. They quickly bound her arms and legs. President* #heelspurs spoke from the bathroom weakly, “is it safe?”  “Yes Mr. President, said one of the security detail.” Stephen Miller crawled in. “I am going to kill her”, he said in a very high voice. The same Agent shot him with a dart as well. The president* came out of the bathroom. His face was red and swollen. “Chain her in the kitchen. Tell her asshole father to come get her and that he is fired.” “He doesn’t work for you Mr. President, someone said.”  “Then hire him for a really important job, and I will fire him next week.  

Care. Be safe. 3/22/2018

"I love you Vlad".

We know that president* #heelspurs called his bro Vlad and congratulated him on his pretend win of king of Russia. Why do we know this? Because the White House told us? Because some #heelspurs spokesperson told us? No, because the Fucking Kremlin told us. Just what the fuck are you people on the “right” doing? Boy you hated the Black Guy, but this old white asshole can do whatever he wants! The world is watching, and they are not nearly as stupid as you people apparently.

Congratulations to the state of Indiana, where I presently preside. They took a baby step out of the last century and legalized CBD oil. It is said to have many positive impacts on many health issues. But because it is made of marijuana, some of our more challenged country men still thought it was evil. I can’t stress enough the waste and pain the stupid ass war on drugs has cost. Both to people personally as well as the financial cost to us tax payers to screw with people’s lives by imprisoning them.

Finally, they caught the bomber who was leveling gutless attacks against fellow Texans. These kinds of attacks are cowardly. Regardless of the target. You didn’t hear president* #heelspurs mention them, probably because the victims were black. Maybe he was too busy hooking up with Vlad. The world is watching. If it wasn’t so serious, they might be laughing. They are not.

Care. Be safe. 3/21/2018

Vote with your wallet!

We got our new phones today. The old Verizon bill was 200 dollars a month. Our new bill is less than $50 dollars per month. We got rid of our garbage service. Some places, you can’t do that. We are recycling what we can. And driving the small amount left to the dump once twice a month. It was 40+ a month. We are spending about 12 a month now. We had a storage unit at $80 per month. I am building a shed and all our stuff will be here. The shed will be paid for in a few months, and more savings. I am voting with my money. If you had a trump sign in front of your business, you will get none of my business.

The last few years I have been planting victory gardens. Each year it gets bigger. Each year I learn a few more things. Clearly, food will have to be grown in different ways as the Earth gets hotter. I spend my money at small business’s whenever I can. I will catch as much rain water as I can for the garden, saving money on sewage and giving the garden better water. Hopefully.

I will be setting up a page for more of Martins excitement. I am sure he is in for a wild ride. I will also be setting up a page for president* #heelspurs and crew. As a firefighter, I learned that dark humor is very important. Have a great week.

Care. Be safe. 3/20/2018

I am back...:)

I must apologize for no entry last night. If president* #heelspurs fires Mr. Mueller, and nothing is done, we are done. Period. There won’t be enough left to stand for the anthem. The right has shown themselves to be gutless. All so they can undue what the Black Guy did. Well that, and money usually.

Facebook is having an issue. Marc Z is no where to be found. Facebook mining us for data is in no way a surprise to me. Big corporations are not our friend. They are not to be trusted. They desperately need these rules, that president* #heelspurs is doing away with. We desperately need those rules for our safety and that of the workers. Also to keep the greed in line as much as possible.

Saudi Arabia is threatening to build nukes. Man is an animal, so we are probably not going to evolve fast enough to not kill ourselves with our technology. Couple that with greed and religion, and yea, I am not too hopeful for the future. It is really too bad because if we worked together, life could be petty cool. It wouldn’t be without disasters know, but it could be much nicer.

Care. Be safe. 3/19/2018

Martin's first night in the big house was long. The other guests took turns all night calling, “Martin, Maaarrtiiinnnnn.” He had barely ate the liver, but what he did eat, was not going over with his hoity stomach. He spent most of the night on the toilet crying.
But then the sun came out. He was hoping breakfast was better. It was not. The eggs were Clearly powdered, as they had not been mixed with water, or cooked. Had the bread been toasted, it might have cooked some of the green off. He cried some more.
Now it was time to go out to the yard. The yard he was going in was a 20 by 20 cage, next to other 20 by 20 cages. The other inmates couldn’t touch him, at least with their body. Their aim with spitting was however, astonishingly accurate. When Martin was done in the yard, he looked like he had starred in a Bukkake movie. He washed his hair in his toilet. Then he cried. He thought about his Wu Tang album. He cried some more. He wasn’t going to take this shit. He got down to do pushups. He could barely do one. He was fucked.
Care. Be safe. 3/17/2018

With only two days to go before full retirement, FBI director Andrew McCabe was fired by liar under oath Jeff Sessions at the order of asshole in a suit, president* #heelspurs. Why? Because it was one of the most childish things he could do. Who still supports him? How could they?
• They are not paying attention either because they are lazy, or they watch “news” that isn’t worthy of the title.
• They may know the truth but are unwilling to openly accept it at the risk of losing friends/family who are not yet enlightened.
• They have spent their lives shitting on minorities and they don’t want to be one themselves.
• Tribe/Gang/Patriot mentality. They don’t give a shit about reality, only that their team wins.
Whatever the case, they have possibly screwed us all, them and those of us who are more enlightened. We must vote, both at the voting booth and with our wallets. I have cut back on many things and I am far better off now because of it.
Have a great weekend.
Care. Be safe. 3/16/2018

Sara Get Your Gun.

When #heelspurs got back to the White House, his spokesperson, who’s brother was a dog torturer by the way, was just about to go on and lie to the American people. “So, tell them about the fake news, and how all bad things are the fault of Obama and Hillary. Also, I lied about lying to Trudeau. All these military crashes are Obama’s fault. Also, I am thinking about firing everyone to show everyone what a strong leader I am”, said the president*. “Everyone”, asked the spokesperson? “Everyone toots”, said the president. “Now get out there and make your leader proud, Toot’s”.

When Sara Shuckaby Slanders took the podium, she was pissed. The fox reporter stood up first getting ready to ask a question. “Sit the fuck down” said Sara. “CNN, your first”, she almost hollered. A suspicious CNN reporter slowly stood. “did the president admit to lying to the Canadian prime minister”’ the reporter asked? “Of course, he fucking lied. I don’t physically think it’s possible for the dumb ass to tell the truth’ what else”?  The CNN reporter followed up with, “When do you think the wall might be started on”? “You mean the wall that we can’t afford but Mexico was going to pay for? That shit aint never getting built”.

A Breitbart reporter stood up, Sara threw her water bottle at him. He slithered back in his seat. MSNBC your next. The MSNBC reporter jumped up, “When do you think the president might enact the sanctions against Russia”? “When the president can get Putin’s Dick out of his mouth, next question”. At this point several people started to move towards the podium. Sara pulled out her six shooter and slammed it on the podium. She then looked at them with a weird hunger in her eyes. They all left the room. The MSNBC reporter followed up, “Could you tell us when the tax cuts could start showing the economy improving”? – After a good hard laugh, Sarah said very seriously, “never. ABC news, what ya got?” I just got a tweet that says you have been fired” said the ABC reporter. “Well that’s how that gutless fuck operates. Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a slice” said Sara. With that she picked up her six shooter and stalked off.

Care. Be safe. 3/15/2018

Donnie get your Death Star.

Space emperor #heelspurs was speaking before congress. “We cannot just let anyone into our universe. When other planets send their specie’s, they are not sending their best specimens. They are sending creatures that are not white, they are sending creatures that care, they are sending creatures that want to help others, and some I guess are good creatures who are white. Now I have spoken with the king of Puerto Rico, and he has assured me that Puerto Rico will pay for our Universal Wall.

We will also need a Universal Marine Core. We will stand behind them every step of the way. We have weapons that you haven’t even seen yet. I showed them to Vlad and he couldn’t believe it. Now a reporter had things to say about me so of course he is fake news. Anything that is said about me that is bad, is fake news.

I am going to go look at some wall samples on the moon for the Universal Wall. The space wall has to be see-through, so we can see what the aliens are doing. Anything the aliens say also is probably fake news. I am putting my son Eric in charge of all the hotels on the moon. I have plans you haven’t even seen yet. No one has. I wrote an Executive Order that says women can’t be in charge of anything on the moon. They just aren’t made for moon authority. Finally, I am proposing some new tax cuts to pay for the last tax cuts.

Care. Be safe. 3/14/2018

It's going to be close. Still a 20 point swing either way.

The special election tonight in Pennsylvania looks like it might be a tiny bit of good news. As president* #heelspurs shops for wall pieces to waste our money and make us look stupid, Mr. Mueller presses on. The FBI doesn’t fuck around. They may not be perfect, but they are as close as they come. If Mr. Lamb doesn’t win, he will have made a very close win out of a very red district.

So, Rex Tillerson said Russia would pay for poisoning the English Gentleman. Then, president* #heelspurs fired him. How are those Russian sanctions going? Nowhere of course. Yet some still don’t think there is a Russian #heelspurs connection. Much of the rest of the world would like to laugh at us if it wasn’t so serious.

president* #heelspurs was shopping for wall segments today. I battled his supporters on Facebook who are clearly no more knowledgeable than he is on such matters. Illegal immigrants contribute money all across the board. They of course are not the problem. Ignorance is a big one though.

A shout out to Nick who might stop by.

Care. Be safe. 3/13/2018

Nothing to see but the truth.

The house of republicans, I mean the House of “representatives” has wrapped up it’s investigation into Russia, because, well they weren’t really looking. But also, because a book entitled, “Russian roulette” is being released tomorrow. It has some more goodies about the election, and Russia, and the Moose(trump) and the squirrel (all who support him). Now it would be nice to think president* #heelspurs was a great guy, and he was in it for us, but there is virtually no proof of that. There is plenty of proof that he is in it to screw up everything. His policies are the worst of the worst. Any that have been tried, have been a failure. Any that have not been tried were not tried because they are stupid.

His use of “fake news” is almost always used to reference accurate news about him. The zombies that support him have clearly been a part of the biggest bullshit spell ever to be cast on Americans. The magic has to be wicked powerful to accomplish putting that horse’s ass in the White House. The real-estate deals alone should have been a clue. His mouth and the shit that comes out of it should have ben a clue. His 4th grade vocabulary should have been a clue. His refusal to show his taxes should have been enough. His 5 deferments or his 4 bankruptcies should have been enough.

Come on Pennsylvania! There is a special election there tomorrow. Please vote for your neighbor, your children, and yourself by not supporting a republican. Unless the democrat is a total shit, he is probably better than the republican. We really need more than two parties. Two parties just means each party has to be just a little better or appear just a little better than the other person to win. 

Care. Be safe.  3/12/2018

"Never give up, never surrender".

Inter-generational rivalry is nothing new. I joke with my kids all the time about being millennials and what have you. But our hope might very well lie in the hands of the young people. They are pissed about the stupid lack of gun laws. They are motivated. Also, say what you will about Bernie. He was in the South 50 years ago doing what was needed. He also inspired a hell of a lot of people, especially women, to run for office. That is absolutely what this country needs. Enough of old white men fucking things up. We need new blood and new ideas and a hell of a lot less lobbyists! No lobbyists would be the best.

It has been widely reported that Poland has passed a law making it illegal to blame the Polish Nation or State for responsibility or complicity during the Holocaust. The mere fact the Poland has passed this law pretty much means they were complicit and/or responsible. Why else would they feel compelled to pass it? I will admit the human animal seems pretty fucking stupid, but where do we draw the line? At what point is the majority of mankind going to stand up and say, wait a minute. We have had enough.

So, to anyone who is out there campaigning or helping someone campaign, I say Towanda! Kick ass and take names! When they tell you can’t fight city hall say, “We are City Hall! Quitters say, “like it or leave it”. Americans say, “like it or fix it”!

Care. Be safe. 3/11/2018

"Be the ball Danny."

The war on mosquitoes has begun. These gutters make an inexpensive way to have a flower box.

This is my contribution to the war on hunger. These are filled with perlite. They can be hung from places or sit in frames. I will post pics with my success or failure.

Care. Be safe. 5/6/2018


Hello all. I am back. The computer is back. My blog is back. Thank you to everyone who was concerned. Please bare in mind that at this moment, children have been taken away from their parents who are here illegally. There is no good reason for this. President* #heelspurs likes to blame it on the democrats, but who is in charge now? Cowards and bullies apparently. This makes the United States look like the bullying nation we have become. Please call your representatives. Please.


A big deal was made about Hillary Clintons private server. These same people that made that big deal didn’t seem to care when George W deleted millions of e-mails. But they were pissed when Hillary did it. These same people voted for the horse’s ass that now sit’s in the White House. He Is still using his personal phone, risking the security of us all. President Horse’s Ass is sitting in the White House, when that cell phone rings,

“president Trump”, said the horse’s ass. “Is your ref-rigor-ator running”, said the caller. “I don’t know, I will have to ask somebody”, responded the ass. There was laughter in the background and then they hung up. The phone rang again. This time the caller ID said Number1 Ruler in the world. The president* answered again. “President Trump”, he said. “This is President Kim Jong-un of The Republic of North Korea. I must apologize for that first call. My secretary of defense was playing a joke. He also said that Mike Pence wasn’t fit to sleep with dogs, but I stood up for him. I said he was”.  “Now listen here Rocket Man”, said the president.  “No, you listen, shouted Kim. You call names like a child. You were your peoples second choice. I starve my people and they love me. Your people will never love you”.  The line went silent.

  “The president* was speechless for a change. People usually didn’t have the courage to tell him the truth. A tweet wouldn’t be enough. He would write a letter!

Editor’s note. We think the rough draft looked something like this before they polished it.  Bwahahahahaha.


His Excellency

Kim Jong Un

Dear Kim,

  We greatly appreciate your time, patience, and effort with respect to our recent negotiations and discussions relative to a summit and deal long sought out by both parties, but mainly important to you, scheduled to take place on June 12th in Singapore, probably to be held in a building and there would be snacks. We were informed that you requested the meeting, but we will pretend like that doesn’t matter because it doesn’t.

Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and hostility towards me in an unpresidented way and you can ask anyone, many people are talking about it, I feel it inappropriate at this time and some other times to have the long planned and much needed meeting which could get us both a Nobell piece prize. Therefore, please let this letter serve to represent, that the Singapore summit, for the good of both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place after all as far as we know. You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that everybody is talking about it and I pray to a god I don’t believe in that they will never be used.

I felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me, and we and our dialogue are all that matter. Someday, I really look very much forward to meeting you. I have admired your leadership abilities ever since I heard of you a few months ago. I want to thank you for the release of the hostages that are now home with their families. That was a beautiful gesture and really appreciated, though taking them in the first place was a major dick move.

If you change your mind about this most important summit we are canceling, don’t hesitate to call or write me. The world and North Korea in particular has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity and wealth, along with my No-bell piece prize. This missed opportunity is a sad moment in history and I am again forgetting it is me who is canceling the meeting.


President Dick Head

Care. Be safe. 5/26/2018

I am having technical and technological problems tonight. It could be the Soviets, or even the Kardashians, whoever they are. I have some Sarcastic Baptists working on it now, and we hope to get everything back up soon but the blog may be a little late.

Care.  Be safe. 5/23/2018    


In the real world, we pay $929.00 a month for health insurance. Plus, copays, The fucking deductible, and anything else they just don’t want to pay. One of us recently had a procedure that we have had before. The first time it cost roughly one hundred and fifty dollars. We just had another one done. This time it was done by the same Doctor, but it was done at the local conglomerate hospital, who is taking over everything. They just sent us a bill, where are part is for fourteen hundred dollars, just for the unit where they did the procedure. Our “representatives” of course get free health care, so they don’t care. We should have single payer like the more advanced countries.

The supreme court just screwed workers. You probably have all heard about this. They have made it harder for workers to sue employers. Because as a rule, employers are honest…lol. You see those that have a lot, can bypass rules and things that others can’t. An employee is less likely to be able to afford to sue their employer. However, plenty of scumbabg employers, could afford to pay and do what is correct, but they don’t. Then, we tax payers pay the bill. Now this kind of talk has been given all kinds of names and titles. I just call it reality.

I read today about some turtles in Florida, who are mostly giving birth to females. That is bad, if you want your specie to continue. It referred to the hotter climate as the culprit. I actually believe some people with money, think they will still be able to go to the store and buy food, when most of society is starving thanks to war, climate change, and many other factors. They live in a very tiny world and it is disconnected from the real one. Just my two cents.

Care. Be safe. 5/22/2018

Let them know you support them.

As you can see, by what the top of this site says, I support the FBI and I support Mr. Mueller. Now don’t get me wrong. I do not blindly support all laws and or enforcers. However, what is left of what is supposed to be our democracy, is in the hands of the FBI and the Special Prosecutor. The following is an E-mail, sent to the Special Prosecutor. I urge you to send them an e-mail, expressing your support.  You may copy all or part of the following e-mail and send that also. This is an e-mail that was sent to the Special Prosecutor by a fellow Facebook friend. This is all part of our chance to cross the Potomac. Or, let the Republic die. First is the e-mail address for the special prosecutor.



I know you need to be as thorough as you can in this investigation, having all your 'Ts' crossed and 'Is' dotted. There is no question in my mind with each passing day you are getting closer to the whole truth. A truth which an overwhelming majority here in the US have concluded that there is a Fascist sitting in the Oval Office that is destroying American institution after institution and the country's foundation is being dismantled with congress enabling him.

Here's another truth. Your meticulous and herculean effort may not matter at all if by the time you have concluded your investigation we are all standing in a pile of ashes. Is it going to matter if the country as we know it no longer exists? Yes, other investigations took much longer. But no other investigation involved the US being attacked by a hostile foreign power from inside our own boarders.

As the President's and Congress' pushback grows louder, it's going to reach a point where people in mass will lose hope.

What we all need is some indication of progress...steady progress. All the indictments and guilty pleas are wonderful. The problem is there has to be so many more.

Now please don't misunderstand what I am saying to mean you need to bring this to a conclusion now. No, what I am saying is American people need reassurance your work will not be stymied by the pushback or eliminated entirely. We need to see more arrests, more indictments, and more people paying for what they have done and we need to see it soon.


Now I add I support the @FBI and I support Mr. Mueller to many of my Facebook posts and my tweets. I want them to know they are supported. They need to know they are supported. Otherwise, those in the future who are in their shoes, might not care.

Care. Be safe. 5/21/2018

President Irony.

  The president* picked up his phone, to enlighten his believers. “Tomorrow I will request, Nay I will demand that the DOJ investigate the Obama administration for spying on us while we committed treason. Fake News!” then another, ‘For all we know, Clinton might have been meeting the Russians at Clinton Tower. Unpresidented! #MAGOT.”.  He reached for his diet poison. It was Empty! Someone will be fired for this. He pushed a button and yelled, “I need another diet poison and a resignation from whoever didn’t bring it to me!” Stephen Miller oozed in with a soda. “Who got fired”, asked the president? “I am not sure. She just started an hour ago”, replied Stevie.

  He tweeted more, “As far as we know, Clinton could have been meeting Russian fertilizer kings everywhere she went during the campaign. UNpresidented!!!!.” How is our embassy move going in Jerusalem”, asked the president*?  “No problems at all”, replied Stevie. “Good, maybe it will get those bible thumpers off my back”, said the president*. He tweeted some more, “For all we know Chelsea Clinton could have been trying to get in contact with the Russians to get dirt on me! How Un-American!!!”. He spent the next 20 minutes blocking people who hate him on Twitter.

  He turned on fox entertainment for some tainted knowledge. Some dumbass was talking about the latest school shooting, “well we need to arm the teachers. If we cut back on school supplies, it should be no problem. We also need less doors.” “But couldn’t that be a problem when there is a fire” asked the fox person in a rare journalistic act? “Well there will always be a price to pay, for our freedom to own a firearm”, replied the moron.

Care. Be safe. 5/20/2018

J.J. Watt has offered to pay for the funerals for the Texas school shooting victims. This is not the first time JJ Watt has lead by example.  That is the way to make America great. Period. You are THE Man, Sir!


Power grids. Why the hell are energy plants hooked up to the internet? Are they ordering a pizza? People have told me, well others might need to monitor information. Then put that information on a fricken website and let them monitor it. It seems like we are really silly sometimes. Hey, let’s hook the grid up to the internet. What could possibly go wrong. It’s easier and cheaper, so let’s just take the risk. It seems we could be a little more proactive. Are the missiles hooked up to the internet also? Let’s all get a bigger penis and launch some missiles. What could possibly go wrong? For you people who voted for president* #heelspurs, I am NOT condoning launching missiles. I am condoning getting our head out of our ass and NOT launching missiles.

Torture is one of the best ways to make a terrorist. We invaded Iraq for oil. We fired the military. Many of them were in the military for years and lost all benefits. Many of them went off to help create isis. True story. Crapping on people makes terrorists. Wasn't the Israel deal for a two state solution? Do you think the Palestinians forgot? Or are they animals because they are different? I can tell you that torture is NEVER ok. But if you want to think it is, then why pretend we are better? What does the anthem represent? A country where there is actually justice for all? No. Does it represent a country where we welcome "“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”"? No.

Care. Be safe. 5/19/2018

This might have been what a Mo Brooks high school science test looked like with his answers.

Question                                                                                               Answer

Q1 Babies come from?                                                                    A; The Hospital.

Q2 The Earth’s core is made of?                                                  A; Oil and Gas.

Q3 Windmills perform what function?                                  A; Stop the wind.

Q4 What killed the dinosaurs?                                                    A; Man stopped feeding them.   

Q5 The pyramids were built for what reason?                   A; Dinosaur barns

Q6 What causes thunder?                                                              A; Angels are bowling.

Q7 What causes big hurricanes?                                                A; Gay sex.

Q8 People who are different from you are called?          A; Animals.

Q9 The best way to prepare for a disaster is?                     A; Thoughts and prayers.

Q10 How did most people of color come to America?   A; As tourists.

Bonus Question; What’s your favorite color?                      A; White.

*         *          *         *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Have a great weekend. Make a difference for someone. It will help you also.


Care. Be safe. 5/18/2018

I like witches that don’t get hunted. 

The president* had told the special prosecutor, that he didn’t have time to sit down for an interview. So of course, he was going to go play golf. He was being loaded onto the republican spy ship Uranium Two for a ride down to Moscow South in Florida. He picked up his phone for some one on one with his believers. He tweeted, “Mo Brooks thinks the oceans are rising because of rocks falling into the ocean. So I am wondering if those same rocks are causing the atmosphere to get hotter?”  He sat down to his fast food sandwich. He is only eating half the bread, to try to cut down on the budget deficit. 

He tweeted some more, “Congratulations America. We are now into the second year of the longest witch hunt ever. The costliest also. No arrests, and no search warrants. FAKE NEWS.” He stuffed some more seared mammal flesh into his mouth. He turned on fox entertainment, to be entertained.  The three morning vampires of reality were on talking to old Rudy. The tall sickly one asked, “so what did Mr. Mueller tell you as far as the President is concerned?”  “Well, Mr. Mueller told me the president would not be charged with any crimes”, lied Rudy. “Well that is good news”, said the slightly less sickly looking but harder to believe one. How is the First Lady. After her surgery”, said the female one? “She is doing great! The president sent her a lovely text before and after the surgery. They love each other very much and there is no problem between them”

The president turned off the fox entertainment and ate some more burger. Then, he tweeted, “Rudy would make a fine Attorney General. He wouldn’t recuse because of course I am not guilty!” Stephen Miller slithered in with another diet drink. “John Bolton is wondering if we can do human sacrifices”, he said. He also wants the CIA to bomb Israel and the Palestinians to speed things up a bit”. The president* looked back at him in all seriousness and said, “Do you think those rocks that are falling into the ocean could hit this ship”?

Care. Be safe. 5/17/2018

What a pig.

I wanted to do a Gonzo piece tonight, but I am just so disgusted with the language that president* #heelspurs used at a California roundtable. For example, he blamed democrats for laws that force families of immigrants to be separated. I doubt it is true, because he said it. But let me explain something to you Mr. president*. You are the fucking president. Both the Senate, and the House, are being run by republicans. So if you really cared, you could pass a law. But you don’t fucking care, and you are too stupid to know how to pass a law.

He said Mexico doesn’t help us much on trade. Imagine that. The Unite States needs help from Mexico on trade. How fucking stupid are the people that listen to this schmuck? The same morons who thought Mexico could pay for a wall we can’t afford, apperntly think Mexico should help us on trade. People are raising children with these brains. Then they send them out into the world to fuck up our day.

Finally, there is this charming piece, “You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are,” Trump continued. “These aren’t people. These are animals. And we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before.” Now again, the latter is probably a lie. I know rounding up soccer Mom’s looks good to assholes, but we have been at net zero for a while. Second, if you condone this type of language when referring to any other people on this planet, you better get on your knees right now and ask your deity for forgiveness. Grow the fuck up or stop pretending!!!

Care. Be safe. 5/16/2018

Towanda, teachers!

I am glad to see so many teachers in so many states stand up for what they have long deserved. Children are our future. If you want to compete against other countries, you need to start at the bottom. Many of those other countries learned that years ago. We are lagging. Our politicians cut education, so they can fund wars. They do that because we let them. Towanda teachers!  “Teachers are there to guide students through a world of broken compass’s”   tw   

Reports are that North Koreas Whacko may not meet with our whacko now. Here is the thing. North Koreans didn’t really have a choice getting their whacko. We kind of sort of did. Or at least some of us. In the end, I think it is all proof that the human animal cannot handle power very well. We pat our backs, and wave our cell phones and then, often treat each other far worse than some jungle animals treat each other. I was in Korea for a little over a year. South Korea and the United States practice exercises together all the time. So, for North Korean president and sometimes Kool aide man to call their meeting off for that reason is pure rubbish. He is not to be trusted anymore than president* #heelspurs. Neither deserve to be where they are. Neither earned their spot.

A friendly reminder to call your “representatives”. Even if you don’t agree with me, let them know what you think. Donate a ten spot every now and then to a charity or a politician. Even if you are not sure where it is going. Live on the edge. Come on!

Care. Be safe. 5/15/2018

Don't throw away that torn up money!  

Months ago, I wrote about some damaged money I had. Though for some reason I removed the dates from the, Shit I’ve Learned page, you can find out if you want to scroll through my rambling blog. Anyways, today I got a check from the treasury for the damaged twenty and five dollar bills I sent them. Very cool. If you do have some damaged money, just send it to that address, and depending on how damaged it is, you will probably get a check from them in a few months. The do have some rules about it. The address for where to send the money is on my Shit I’ve Learned page.

    Soooo, the price of gas is up. This is normally where I defend the president, because normally the president doesn’t have shit to do with the price of gas. But in this case, besides a slight rise in the demand, the price rise for our gas has everything to do with president* #heelspurs.  His being stupid with Iran, has put Russia and others in the driver’s seat for raising the price. Making us the opposite of great, by the way.

  Now trade is not a bad thing. Extremely lopsided trade is. But the best way to fight that, is by not buying so much stuff made in China. If the American people are not willing to do that, all the hocus pocus president* #heelspurs does, won’t accomplish much in a good way. If you are not willing to stand up for your country in a meaningful way, standing for the anthem, is just more pretending.

Care. Be safe. 5/14/2018

And old idea and some new rambling.

With the weather almost certainly getting worse, not to mention volcanoes, I want to bring up an older idea of mine. We should have regional response centers, where supplies can be stored and distributed during emergencies. Some of the staff could be veterans. When there aren’t emergencies, they could work on other things. Listen people, we need to help each other. A better world for others means a better world for you. I can’t imagine why anyone could be against a better place to live. 

My guess is that North Korea got an ultimatum form China, and that is why they are at least pretending to behave. Maybe they will behave. But it clearly will not have anything to do with us. President* #heelspurs has already shown his willingness to just drop out of an agreement. So why would anyone want to make an agreement with us? Why should anyone care what the hell we “think”?

The United States has a lot of nerve asking other countries to shit on Iran like we just did.  I guess they assume all “leaders” watch fox entertainment. They get all their advice from whatever kooks walk in off the street and can put up with president* #heelspurs the longest. Or can put up with him at all.

Care. Be safe.   CAll you Mother!   5/13/2018

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Mothers are often underrated. They have been shat on by man since the beginning. They have been making a difference since the beginning of time. Call your mother if you are lucky enough to have one. We can make a better world by homering those who deserve it.

Steele Dossier

I have heard several stories about who financed it to begin with. Who financed it second. Who “leaked” it to the FBI and so on. But now we hear that Sen John McCain is the one who turned it over to the FBI. He implied it was his duty. He couldn’t verify how much of it was true, but it was disturbing to him. This is what gets me. That ANYONE needs a fricken dossier to know what kind of person president* #heelspurs is!

Care. Be safe. 5/12/2018

Taking a much needed night off of politics.

I wanted to add a few more things about the two-liter garden. The perlite is very dusty and pretty much all dust is bad for us. You can use a mask and goggles. I wet it down often to keep the dust down. Also, it is good to cover as much of the bottle as you can with cloth or something to keep most of the sun off everything but the plant. That will keep green stuff from growing in your perlite. I will post more pictures of the plants soon. They seem to be growing very well.

Have a great weekend.

Care. Be safe. 5/11/2018

Information and rambling.

For those who are interested in the two-liter garden, I will explain what I did. I cut a hole in the top of whatever bottle you are using. The size of the hole can affect things like how much rain water it gets if it is outside, but experiment. Cut holes in the sides of the bottles about one to two inches up from the bottom about the size of a pencil. That way, as the plant gets bigger, it always has roots down in the water reservoir. I did not clean the dirt off the plant. I did buy small plants to start with. I am using hydroponic fertilizer. For now, I am just watering them with the fertilizer in the evening. I water them one to three times more during the day with regular water. As the plant gets bigger, I will probably have to feed them more. The pictures are below, and I will probably add a page for the garden.


I would like to say a word or two about fast pass. I believe that is what it’s called at Disney World. But whatever it’s called, I don’t like it. Especially if there is money involved. I am not talking about the ones for toll roads. As a former trucker, I am all for those. But at Disney, or some place like that, I think it is complete bullshit. I would bet that a lot of those very same people who don’t like everyone getting a trophy, would have no problem signing their lazy ass up for that. If it doesn’t cost money, that is better, but it’s still bullshit. It’s free at Disney, but costs extra at Universal. Hey kids, you don’t have to wait in line like everyone else because you are special. I also don’t have a problem with people cutting in line who have family members with special needs. But just because you paid more money? Fuck that. I understand that not everyone will agree with me. But we do learn from each other.

Care. Be safe. 5/10/2018

What an interview might sound like with old Rudy.

Random interviewer, “Tonight we have Rudi Giuliani on our show to answer a few questions about the president. Good evening Mr. Giuliani “.  

Rudy, “well thanks for having me and I think the president and the affairs he had our just misunderstood”. 

Interviewer, “Sir are you suggesting there were many affairs”? 

Rudy, “Well if there were, his attorney would have taken care of them for the president”.

Interviewer, “ok, well how about the Russia investigation. You spoke to Mr. Mueller, could you enlighten us a little on what was said”?

Rudy, “Well we asked if the questions could be multiple choice, and they said no. We asked if the questioned could be answered in written form, and they said no. We asked if somebody competent could answer the questions instead of the president, and the Special Prosecutor said no. So basically, the Prosecutor is not willing to work with the president”.

Interviewer, “Isn’t the president asking for a lot of special treatment”?

Rudy, “Well he didn’t know about any of these things, and even if he did, he wouldn’t remember. Just like I wouldn’t remember”.

Interviewer, “Do you think there is a pee tape”?

Rudy, “Hell most of us saw it right after it was made”.

Interviewer, “Do you regret making the video where you wear drag and seduce the future president”?

Rudy, “No, in fact we talked many times bout making a sequel”.  

Interviewer, “One last question, do you think your job is safe”?

Rudy, “Oh yea, the shit I have on Donny makes me the safest person around”.


Care. Be safe. 5/9/2018

"You can't go where the others go"

I opened an account with www.RobinHood.com. I am not endorsing them. I could give a shit less if you get an account with them. But it is pretty cool. You can buy and sell some stocks and there is no fee. I did however find out about day trading. If you buy and sell stocks in the same day, that is called day trading. If you do too much of it, you will be labeled a “day trader”. I copied this from their website:

“If you enable Pattern Day Trade Protection, we will prevent you from placing trades that will likely mark you as a Pattern Day Trader. Protection can't guarantee that you won't be restricted. If you are marked as a Pattern Day Trader, you may place day trades only if the value of your stocks and cash is above $25,000.00.”


So basically, if you have a lot of money, then you can make more with day trading. But if you don’t have a lot of money, then fuck you. Great way to run things feds. Thanks. Anyways, president* #heelspurs decided to pull out of the Iran treaty, because he watches fox entertainment. It is all right though, the rest of the world is already either laughing at us, or worried that we will fuck them also.


Care. Be safe. 5/8/2018


  Attorney General I was a colicky baby Jeff Sessions says that Adults and children will be separated if they enter the United States illegally. One can argue that they broke the law, so it doesn’t matter. If you are not a Christian, then take that route and piss off. If you want to defend the “law”, while ignoring the president’s many obvious infractions, piss off as well. You are not worth our time. I view it from the child’s perspective, and then run that through what I like to call, my brain. I try to look at it like I am an adult. My adult self says a lot of people in this country have a lot of growing up to do. Too many people have a lot of maturing to do. My adult self says why the fuck would we treat other humans like that?

  It seems the AG for the State of New York had to resign because he couldn’t act like a man. I fear the likelihood of president* #heelspurs facing the consequences for his actions are a little less now. Maybe with the president* refusing to testify, Mr. Mueller can bring charges now. It is a sad state of affairs when the “law and order” party support such a disgrace of a president*.

Care. Be safe. 5/7/2018