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Vote with your wallet!

We got our new phones today. The old Verizon bill was 200 dollars a month. Our new bill is less than $50 dollars per month. We got rid of our garbage service. Some places, you can’t do that. We are recycling what we can. And driving the small amount left to the dump once twice a month. It was 40+ a month. We are spending about 12 a month now. We had a storage unit at $80 per month. I am building a shed and all our stuff will be here. The shed will be paid for in a few months, and more savings. I am voting with my money. If you had a trump sign in front of your business, you will get none of my business.

The last few years I have been planting victory gardens. Each year it gets bigger. Each year I learn a few more things. Clearly, food will have to be grown in different ways as the Earth gets hotter. I spend my money at small business’s whenever I can. I will catch as much rain water as I can for the garden, saving money on sewage and giving the garden better water. Hopefully.

I will be setting up a page for more of Martins excitement. I am sure he is in for a wild ride. I will also be setting up a page for president* #heelspurs and crew. As a firefighter, I learned that dark humor is very important. Have a great week.

Care. Be safe. 3/20/2018

I am back...:)

I must apologize for no entry last night. If president* #heelspurs fires Mr. Mueller, and nothing is done, we are done. Period. There won’t be enough left to stand for the anthem. The right has shown themselves to be gutless. All so they can undue what the Black Guy did. Well that, and money usually.

Facebook is having an issue. Marc Z is no where to be found. Facebook mining us for data is in no way a surprise to me. Big corporations are not our friend. They are not to be trusted. They desperately need these rules, that president* #heelspurs is doing away with. We desperately need those rules for our safety and that of the workers. Also to keep the greed in line as much as possible.

Saudi Arabia is threatening to build nukes. Man is an animal, so we are probably not going to evolve fast enough to not kill ourselves with our technology. Couple that with greed and religion, and yea, I am not too hopeful for the future. It is really too bad because if we worked together, life could be petty cool. It wouldn’t be without disasters know, but it could be much nicer.

Care. Be safe. 3/19/2018

Martin's first night in the big house was long. The other guests took turns all night calling, “Martin, Maaarrtiiinnnnn.” He had barely ate the liver, but what he did eat, was not going over with his hoity stomach. He spent most of the night on the toilet crying.
But then the sun came out. He was hoping breakfast was better. It was not. The eggs were Clearly powdered, as they had not been mixed with water, or cooked. Had the bread been toasted, it might have cooked some of the green off. He cried some more.
Now it was time to go out to the yard. The yard he was going in was a 20 by 20 cage, next to other 20 by 20 cages. The other inmates couldn’t touch him, at least with their body. Their aim with spitting was however, astonishingly accurate. When Martin was done in the yard, he looked like he had starred in a Bukkake movie. He washed his hair in his toilet. Then he cried. He thought about his Wu Tang album. He cried some more. He wasn’t going to take this shit. He got down to do pushups. He could barely do one. He was fucked.
Care. Be safe. 3/17/2018

With only two days to go before full retirement, FBI director Andrew McCabe was fired by liar under oath Jeff Sessions at the order of asshole in a suit, president* #heelspurs. Why? Because it was one of the most childish things he could do. Who still supports him? How could they?
• They are not paying attention either because they are lazy, or they watch “news” that isn’t worthy of the title.
• They may know the truth but are unwilling to openly accept it at the risk of losing friends/family who are not yet enlightened.
• They have spent their lives shitting on minorities and they don’t want to be one themselves.
• Tribe/Gang/Patriot mentality. They don’t give a shit about reality, only that their team wins.
Whatever the case, they have possibly screwed us all, them and those of us who are more enlightened. We must vote, both at the voting booth and with our wallets. I have cut back on many things and I am far better off now because of it.
Have a great weekend.
Care. Be safe. 3/16/2018

Sara Get Your Gun.

When #heelspurs got back to the White House, his spokesperson, who’s brother was a dog torturer by the way, was just about to go on and lie to the American people. “So, tell them about the fake news, and how all bad things are the fault of Obama and Hillary. Also, I lied about lying to Trudeau. All these military crashes are Obama’s fault. Also, I am thinking about firing everyone to show everyone what a strong leader I am”, said the president*. “Everyone”, asked the spokesperson? “Everyone toots”, said the president. “Now get out there and make your leader proud, Toot’s”.

When Sara Shuckaby Slanders took the podium, she was pissed. The fox reporter stood up first getting ready to ask a question. “Sit the fuck down” said Sara. “CNN, your first”, she almost hollered. A suspicious CNN reporter slowly stood. “did the president admit to lying to the Canadian prime minister”’ the reporter asked? “Of course, he fucking lied. I don’t physically think it’s possible for the dumb ass to tell the truth’ what else”?  The CNN reporter followed up with, “When do you think the wall might be started on”? “You mean the wall that we can’t afford but Mexico was going to pay for? That shit aint never getting built”.

A Breitbart reporter stood up, Sara threw her water bottle at him. He slithered back in his seat. MSNBC your next. The MSNBC reporter jumped up, “When do you think the president might enact the sanctions against Russia”? “When the president can get Putin’s Dick out of his mouth, next question”. At this point several people started to move towards the podium. Sara pulled out her six shooter and slammed it on the podium. She then looked at them with a weird hunger in her eyes. They all left the room. The MSNBC reporter followed up, “Could you tell us when the tax cuts could start showing the economy improving”? – After a good hard laugh, Sarah said very seriously, “never. ABC news, what ya got?” I just got a tweet that says you have been fired” said the ABC reporter. “Well that’s how that gutless fuck operates. Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a slice” said Sara. With that she picked up her six shooter and stalked off.

Care. Be safe. 3/15/2018

Donnie get your Death Star.

Space emperor #heelspurs was speaking before congress. “We cannot just let anyone into our universe. When other planets send their specie’s, they are not sending their best specimens. They are sending creatures that are not white, they are sending creatures that care, they are sending creatures that want to help others, and some I guess are good creatures who are white. Now I have spoken with the king of Puerto Rico, and he has assured me that Puerto Rico will pay for our Universal Wall.

We will also need a Universal Marine Core. We will stand behind them every step of the way. We have weapons that you haven’t even seen yet. I showed them to Vlad and he couldn’t believe it. Now a reporter had things to say about me so of course he is fake news. Anything that is said about me that is bad, is fake news.

I am going to go look at some wall samples on the moon for the Universal Wall. The space wall has to be see-through, so we can see what the aliens are doing. Anything the aliens say also is probably fake news. I am putting my son Eric in charge of all the hotels on the moon. I have plans you haven’t even seen yet. No one has. I wrote an Executive Order that says women can’t be in charge of anything on the moon. They just aren’t made for moon authority. Finally, I am proposing some new tax cuts to pay for the last tax cuts.

Care. Be safe. 3/14/2018

It's going to be close. Still a 20 point swing either way.

The special election tonight in Pennsylvania looks like it might be a tiny bit of good news. As president* #heelspurs shops for wall pieces to waste our money and make us look stupid, Mr. Mueller presses on. The FBI doesn’t fuck around. They may not be perfect, but they are as close as they come. If Mr. Lamb doesn’t win, he will have made a very close win out of a very red district.

So, Rex Tillerson said Russia would pay for poisoning the English Gentleman. Then, president* #heelspurs fired him. How are those Russian sanctions going? Nowhere of course. Yet some still don’t think there is a Russian #heelspurs connection. Much of the rest of the world would like to laugh at us if it wasn’t so serious.

president* #heelspurs was shopping for wall segments today. I battled his supporters on Facebook who are clearly no more knowledgeable than he is on such matters. Illegal immigrants contribute money all across the board. They of course are not the problem. Ignorance is a big one though.

A shout out to Nick who might stop by.

Care. Be safe. 3/13/2018

Nothing to see but the truth.

The house of republicans, I mean the House of “representatives” has wrapped up it’s investigation into Russia, because, well they weren’t really looking. But also, because a book entitled, “Russian roulette” is being released tomorrow. It has some more goodies about the election, and Russia, and the Moose(trump) and the squirrel (all who support him). Now it would be nice to think president* #heelspurs was a great guy, and he was in it for us, but there is virtually no proof of that. There is plenty of proof that he is in it to screw up everything. His policies are the worst of the worst. Any that have been tried, have been a failure. Any that have not been tried were not tried because they are stupid.

His use of “fake news” is almost always used to reference accurate news about him. The zombies that support him have clearly been a part of the biggest bullshit spell ever to be cast on Americans. The magic has to be wicked powerful to accomplish putting that horse’s ass in the White House. The real-estate deals alone should have been a clue. His mouth and the shit that comes out of it should have ben a clue. His 4th grade vocabulary should have been a clue. His refusal to show his taxes should have been enough. His 5 deferments or his 4 bankruptcies should have been enough.

Come on Pennsylvania! There is a special election there tomorrow. Please vote for your neighbor, your children, and yourself by not supporting a republican. Unless the democrat is a total shit, he is probably better than the republican. We really need more than two parties. Two parties just means each party has to be just a little better or appear just a little better than the other person to win. 

Care. Be safe.  3/12/2018

"Never give up, never surrender".

Inter-generational rivalry is nothing new. I joke with my kids all the time about being millennials and what have you. But our hope might very well lie in the hands of the young people. They are pissed about the stupid lack of gun laws. They are motivated. Also, say what you will about Bernie. He was in the South 50 years ago doing what was needed. He also inspired a hell of a lot of people, especially women, to run for office. That is absolutely what this country needs. Enough of old white men fucking things up. We need new blood and new ideas and a hell of a lot less lobbyists! No lobbyists would be the best.

It has been widely reported that Poland has passed a law making it illegal to blame the Polish Nation or State for responsibility or complicity during the Holocaust. The mere fact the Poland has passed this law pretty much means they were complicit and/or responsible. Why else would they feel compelled to pass it? I will admit the human animal seems pretty fucking stupid, but where do we draw the line? At what point is the majority of mankind going to stand up and say, wait a minute. We have had enough.

So, to anyone who is out there campaigning or helping someone campaign, I say Towanda! Kick ass and take names! When they tell you can’t fight city hall say, “We are City Hall! Quitters say, “like it or leave it”. Americans say, “like it or fix it”!

Care. Be safe. 3/11/2018

Get them while they're hot.

So, we had a Blue crab feast. The Blue Crabs, from Chesapeake Bay are making a comeback after years of over harvesting and poison being dumped in the water. Now president* #heelspurs is undoing many rules like those because stupid people think that will create jobs. When you kill the crabs, that is the opposite of creating jobs. Letting coal companies pollute water ways will also not create more jobs. It will create more profit for a few who already have too much.

An old friend was arguing with me last night about how some poor people are lazy. He is absolutely correct. But one Billionaire playing the system steals a lot more money. Maybe they wouldn’t lazy if they had some fucking hope. But we must reward the already rewarded. How fricken stupid is that? He actually worked with American Indians on a reservation. He knows how they are treated. What the fuck does he expect them to do? I’m sorry but if you haven’t seen that bullying and shitting on people hasn’t worked so far, wake the fuck up!

I had a great night playing games with the family, and eating Blue Crabs. We had to get some before they and humans are all gone.

Care. Be safe. 3/10/2018

Martin's story.

Martin Shkreli was arriving at the big house. His shirt was wet because he had continued crying all the way there. He was taken in a room to be strip-searched. The officer was just stretching the gloves on his giant hands. The officer was telling Martin how his mother needs to take the drug Dapaprim. That of course is the drug that Martins company jacked the price up, so they could financially screw their customers. The officer’s cavity search of Martin was thorough to be sure.

Next Martin was given some clothes to wear. The pants were to small, and the top was three times too big. He was assured that’s all they had right now. Next, he was shown to his cell. It was small and bare and more than he deserved. The toilet had not been cleaned, maybe ever. The toilet paper that was there was wet. When he turned the bloody mattress over, it was cleaner on the other side.

At meal time, apparently people in the kitchen also had family who needed Daraprim. He was given a piece of liver, some liver fries, and a liver cupcake. The juice was liver flavored, with a hint of mullet.


The above is satire. I would hope our prison system is better. But private prisons are un-fucking acceptable in a “civilized” society. Martin is a greedy piece of shit, and they are in no short supply. I say send a lot more of these type of people to prison, until America is a better place to live.

Have a great weekend.

Care. Be safe. 3/9/2018

To all women and Girls around the globe. Towanda!

Since the beginning, women have been liked to. They have been bullied and abused. They have been told they are not as good. They have been told, “you can’t do that because you’re a girl”. They have been told these things by men and boys. The men may have been raised that way, but it is no excuse for grown adults.

I met my wife at a factory where we were both started on the same day. She had one and a half years’ experience and I had none. They started me out at fifty cents an hour more, which was a hell of a lot in 1982. Our society is based on bullying at all levels. It is a cowardly way to live for the bully’s and an often-horrible existence for the victim. When your children are raised that way, the bullying just gets passed on.

I am far from perfect. I say that all the time. But every day, I get up and try harder. Most days I succeed. Some days I don’t. I try to remember that through life, I have learned many times that what I though was true, was not. So as confident as I am in what I think I know, I try to leave room for reality to fit in.

Tomorrow is Friday for you Monday through Friday people. Treat everyone, but especially women/girls with the utmost/t respect. Lead by example. Go the extra little way or big way. Be happy.

Care. Be safe.  3/8/2018

What's new?

President* #heelspurs got caught in the revolving door that had to be installed at the White House. With staff quitting and being fired at an astonishing rate, something had to be done. The president* questioned his staff, to see what Mr. Mueller asked them. They probably said it was mostly about diet and hygiene. The president* probably bought it.

Ted Cruz had to admit what his name is. In other news, Aunt Betsy DeVos visited Florida, but didn’t bother to visit any of the children. Betsy probably didn’t want to miss a tour of, Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Fla. She could have been hoping to pick up on disposal techniques. Dr. Ben Carson, was shopping online for shit we have to pay for, and which he doesn’t need.

All around dough boy Sam Nunberg, threatens the president* with apparent evidence he has. Great move. These guys like never saw a tv or anything. What a bunch of sheltered creatures they are. You bet Sam! Hold that information, don’t hold that information. You are drunk and fucked now.

Care. Be safe.  3/7/2018

The end of the Memo;

This is the last entry of the Memo. I enjoyed writing it, and I think I have embraced Gonzo. There will hopefully be plenty more.


Tonight, was the big finale. The opioid Czar, Kelly Anne, was handing them out like trump family visa’s. Someone who looked like he used to be Scott Baiao could be heard moaning in the distance, “Obama is a Muslim! I don’t work for Subway” There was a single chair on the stage, and that could only mean one thing. Clint Eastwood was going to come out and do his impersonation of a once big star.

Clint came out and kicked the chair, thinking it was his ex-wife. The crowd went wild. He kicked the chair again, and people in the crowd started firing pistols. The NRA leaders took cover under their table. Mother sprinkled everyone with holy water, while Mike Pence just openly wept.  Meatloaf started singing what was once possibly the National Anthem. The crowd, half singing, half crying, blurted out the words.

The fireworks started. The president* started leading a chain of people around. They were boarding the Republicans Spy Ship Uranium Two. The election equipment they had bought from Russia had already been loaded onto the vessel. The local milk people were turning in the donations they had collected for the president*. Betsy DeVos promised to teach all American children how not only was Jesus born through and immaculate conception, but that he was also white when he came out. He was not the color of the local people. What was left of what looked like Scott Baiao was on praying on the beach.


The end.


Care. Be safe.  3/6/2018